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We returned from our 2 weeks at the San Salvadoran orphanage this past weekend.  I’ll be posting more about it shortly. Here’s a photo of Steve, Ashley & me…with some of my favorite young men – brothers Paco & Henry.

SHIP Week 2 at Casa Hogar orphanage -

When I got back home, I was pleasantly surprised to see a fantastic deal on 7 Homeschooling eBook Bundle. Yeah, the image says 5 ebooks for $7.40, but there are 2 bonuses listed on the order page.

Believe it or not, you’ll get each book for only $1.06 each…what a deal!

Homeschool Bundle of the Week

7 homeschool ebooks for $7.40 - that's only $1.06 each |

Here’s what you’ll get:

Homeschooling 101 by Kris Bales
Whether you’re just getting started or a veteran homeschooler, Homeschooling 101 offers inspiration and encouragement for your journey. Kris includes practical tips on important topics such as knowing your state’s laws, discovering your homeschool style, recognizing your child’s learning style, planning your calendar, dealing with nay-sayers and homeschooling on a shoestring to help you get off to a smooth start this fall!

Notebooking Success by Jimmie Lanley
Notebooking is a popular learning technique that can be used for every subject and every grade level, but as powerful as notebooking is, it can easily become busy work that wastes time instead of reinforcing the learning if not implemented correctly. In Notebooking Success, Jimmie teaches you the ins and outs, including how to use notebooking to its fullest potential, how to know that children are really learning and what to expect at various grade levels. Plus discover all of her favorite resources for notebooking printables!

The Printable Homeschool Planner by Heather Bixler
The Printable Homeschool Planner makes it easy for you to organize what you need to organize, how you want to organize it. With planning sheets and recordkeeping forms plus access to future homeschool printables that are released in the customer forum, this basic set is a great way to start your homeschool planner today.

Training Your Children in Home Economics by Angie Kauffmann
Angie walks you step-by-step through the basics of home economics — including money management, hospitality, simple sewing skills, meal preparation, laundry skills, table manners and more — in Training Your Children in Home Economics. In addition, you’ll find printable progress forms for the various skill sets covered. This ebook will help you inexpensively introduce practical life skills as part of your homeschool curriculum, even if you’re not sure where to start!

Designing Your Language Arts Curriculum
Plus (BONUS #1) Essay Tune Up by Jimmie Lanley
In Designing Your Language Arts Curriculum, Jimmie covers the basics of language arts with specific advice, teaching tips, links to printables, and encouragement for grammar, spelling, vocabulary, poetry, reading, literature, building a library, writing, Shakespeare, and public speaking. She’ll help you decide what is essential, what is optional and how to best teach your students! In this exclusive bundle offer, you’ll also get Essay Tune Up, including 7 simple formulas for teaching essay writing plus 13 printables to help students organize their thoughts and write better essays.

Plus the  (BONUS #2)
Life Your Way Homeschooling Printables
by Mandi Ehman
As a special bonus, you’ll also receive a set of homeschooling printables from Life Your Way, including notebooking pages, language arts cheat sheets, Black History Month activities, chore charts and more!

Grab all 7 resources right now by clicking here:

Homeschool Bundle of the Week (expires 8am EST on Monday, 8/5)

My thoughts:
Each of these resources is worth the price of the bundle…all by themselves.  I’d pay $7.40 for the information in any one of these items. So, if you think you’ll only use one resource, it’s worth the bundle price of $7.40.

Where else can you get homeschooling ebooks for this terrific price?

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling-FREE workshop |

how to simplify your homeschool
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