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Homeschool Unit Studies {Approaches to Christian Homeschooling}

Our free online homeschooling workshops are a big hit!

Next week we talk about unit studies and I hope you can join us.

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Join us on Thursday, May 30 (4pm EDT) to discover:

  • How to create homeschool unit studies
  • How homeschool unit studies can work
  • Several strategies to using homeschool unit studies with other approaches to Christian homeschooling
  • How to create Christian unit studies
  • How to use homeschool unit studies with multiple ages
  • Strengths & Weaknesses of the Unit Studies Approach
  • Resources specific to Unit Study approach to Christian homeschooling

My Favorite Aspect of Unit Studies

Unit studies allow your kids to study their own interests.  You truly delve into real life learning and allow your kids to love learning when they are studying areas of interest.

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Question: What are your thoughts about homeschool unit studies? What questions might you have?

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