Homeschool Super Heroes – Anniversary Special

how to simplify your homeschool

We know there’s a lot to choose when you are homeschooling.  That’s why we want to give you an extra amount of encouragement when you need it – smack dab in the middle of your school year.

And SAVE you lots of money!

Whether you are new or experienced to homeschooling, these interviews will encourage, inspire & challenge you for the upcoming year.

60 homeschool interviews from &

Even after ten years of homeschooling I still love to listen to amazing ideas from other homeschoolers. I learn so much from the super heroes. I loved what Kerry said yesterday about remembering to have fun. Thanks Kerry!! Simple reminders like this make a huge difference. Kelly

I have really enjoyed the interviews! I have been looking for someone who has been before me and could give sound, Biblical advice and encouragement. I have found it! Thank you so much for putting together these interviews for us. They have truly been a blessing and I have passed them on to other moms I know. Florine B.

Every year we interview Homeschool Super Heroes in their area of expertise.  We have 60 interviews, 60 cheat sheets & 60 transcripts/mini-books.

You can grab all 180 items (60 + 60 + 60) for ONLY $37

I’ve never discounted Homeschool Super Heroes this much. Why am I doing it right now?

I want to encourage you as a mom, homeschooler, chauffeur, nurse, maid, chef and everything else you do.

We have the recordings, transcripts & cheat sheets from all the Homeschool Super Heroes…for all 4 years! That’s 60 interviews, 60 transcripts & 60 cheat sheets.

Andrew Pudewa of Institute for Excellence in Writing as a HomeschoolSuperHeroes.comYou’ll hear from homeschool experts like

  • Sally Clarkson (Wholeheart)
  • Andrew Pudewa (IEW)
  • Heidi St John (Busy Homeschool Mom)
  • Bob & Tina Farewell (Bring Dads Home)
  • Linda Hobar (Mystery of History)
  • Jill Pike (IEW)
  • Kendra Fletcher (Preschoolers & Peace)
  • … and 37 more homeschool experts

With the recordings, you can listen at your leisure, when you have time. And it’s less than the cost of a Saxon Math Home Study Kit or IEW History Based Writing Lessons or Mystery of History.

You can get the ALL 4 years of Homeschool Super Heroes packages for ONLY $37.

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ps.  Or read more about our Homeschool Super Heroes by clicking the title

pps. Remember that 10% of Homeschool Super Heroes goes to support Diego through Compassion, Intl.
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how to simplify your homeschool
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