How Can Homeschool Kids Become Future Leaders?

how to simplify your homeschool

A few days ago I wrote about the best topic to teach writing in your homeschool.  I still believe your kids will write a better paper when they are interested in the topic.  That’s why high school teachers let students choose their research paper topic (within the guidelines)

Today, I want to share a more important reason to let your kids choose their writing topics or even their subject areas to study.

To Become a Great Leader

And…Leaders make wise decisions!

To become a future leader, kids need to learn to make wise decisions . . . so give them opportunities to make decisions.

I Was Wrong...
Homeschool BasketballWhen my oldest was in high school she tried out for the basketball team.  There were 3 nights of tryouts and I was scared she would not make the team.  I didn’t want her to fail, so I encouraged her to drop out on the 2nd night.

Bad Decision on My Part!

I did not let her make her own decision, nor did I let her learn to trust God through the experience.   Looking back, I know I was completely wrong.  She “may” have avoided some immediate disappointment, but God might have been teaching her to trust Him in all life circumstances.

When you are always telling your kids what to study, when to study or how to study, you are creating a follower.  Although there’s a time to follow, there is a time to learn how to lead.  As your kids grow up under your guidance, they need to make decisions for themselves.

How can you help your kids make wise decisions & become better leaders?

By giving them small opportunities to decide.

If you are like me, it is much easier to make decision for your kids.  It was easier to tell them what to wear, what to eat or how to decorate their room.

In our homeschool, it was easier to choose the areas of study for each child or the topic they would write about.  But I quickly learned that my kids were growing up to follow someone else’s directions, instead of making decisions for themselves.

I wanted my kids to learn to lead, so I started giving them the chance to make decisions and possibly fail.  That was not easy.
Future Leaders Make Decisions

One Way to Teach Leadership

Let your children make small decisions in your homeschool.

  • Let them choose a topic to write their paper.
  • Let them choose the unit study next month.
  • Let them choose the next book to read.

These small decisions help your children gain confidence in decision-making.  Since they are still under your roof, you can guide them if you see them going astray.


What decisions will you let your kids make this weekend?
What decisions will you let your kids make next week in your homeschool?
Post your answer as a comment & enter to win my ebook, “Overcoming Common Homeschool Problems”

I am not advocating homeschoolers avoid state requirements, only suggesting there are times when your kids can choose.



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how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. Thanks for the great reminder. My kids are still young (6 and 2), but I know I need to do better at letting them start to make small decisions themselves.

    1. You are welcome. I love letting 6yo make small decisions. There are so many opportunities for them to choose, but I had to choose what I was most comfortable letting go.

  2. I’ve always found it easy to let my children make decisions about what to wear and how to set up their rooms, etc.; but I have one child (7) who is great at making her own decisions while her older brother(9) agonizes over these things and ends up doing nothing (useful) unless prodded. I think this is a personality issue and I struggle with how to get him more independent.

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