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“How to Homeschool My Child” is for YOU…homeschool moms who need a little encouragement, who want to “see” their curriculum before they buy, or who might be a little (or a lot) tired.

How to Homeschool My Child

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I’m Kerry Beck, your hostess. I’ll be sharing the lessons I’ve learned in homeschooling and fun ways you can get your kids to “love learning”. I’ll be inviting some of my homeschool friends to join me to encourage you at whatever stage you are right now.

After 10 years of homeschooling (my kids have graduated), I enjoy meeting with moms to encourage them in raising, educating and encouraging their own kids. I also have a strong desire to show families how to give their children a love of learning. So, I’m using this site to come alongside homeschool moms to make your life easier. I love being a mom and I love homeschooling. Sit back and let us help YOU . . . as you give your kids the best education, a superb, Christian education . . . where they will love learning, as well as be able to think critically & Biblically.

I’m going to be a father, and – while I know it’s a little bit early to be worrying about this – was incredibly anxious about public education. Homeschooling seemed unrealistic, who was I to challenge the official schools? Your blog has been incredibly helpful over the past few months. At first all it did was sow the seed of doubt, but I’m now 100% confident in our ability to provide our child with a challenging, loving and nurturing homeschooled education. All thanks to you!

Your posts just really hit home, it’s the perfect balance between casual, actionable advice and foundational principles. From now on, every time someone looks at me with furrowed brows, questioning the personal choices of my family, I’ll point him to your site. ~Nikolas Baron