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Again, I know this is posting in the summer in our 10-Day Food Activities for Kids Learning Series, but skipping these easy learning activities revolved around Holy Week is important. That’s why I’m sharing Holy Week Homeschool Activities that your kids will love. Especially the fun food learning activities.

Most families have LOTS of family Christmas traditions and very few Easter traditions.  I find that interesting because the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ is paramount to being saved from our sin.

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Creative Object Lessons

As my kids grew up, I looked for creative ways to explain Jesus resurrection.  Our absolute, favorite Easter tradition over the past 20 years has been Resurrection Rolls.

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - Empty

Every year we make Resurrection Rolls on Saturday night and eat the yummy (empty) rolls Sunday morning for Easter breakfast.

Easter Resurrection Rolls - Supplies

My kids are all living on their own, but Hunter is spending this Easter weekend at home.  I know we will make Resurrection Rolls on Saturday night.  Here’s how we do it.Very few ingredients.
I used pop-out-of-the-can biscuits because they were free with the purchase of cream cheese.  Usually, I use my own bread dough.  You can use homemade or canned dough, whichever is easier for your family.

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - Butter

Melt about 2 tablespoons butter.  I’m not real exact on measuring with this recipe.  If you run out of butter, melt some more ­čÖé

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - Sugar

Mix about 1/2 cup sugar with 2 tablespoons cinnamon.

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - Marshmallow

Wrap dough around one large marshmallow.  Be sure to seal the dough around the marshmallow.  Since my biscuits were so large, I used 1/2 Grand biscuit for each marshmallow.  You can also use crescent rolls or homemade dough.

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - Dip in butter

Dip the sealed roll in melted butter.  We don’t coat the entire ball with butter, usually only half the roll.

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - Roll in sugar

Roll the entire ball in cinnamon sugar.  Even if there is no butter on the roll, the cinnamon sugar will stick to the dough.

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - pan

Set the rolls in a greased or sprayed pan.  Leave space between the rolls for them to rise.  We leave our rolls covered overnight so they are light & fluffy.

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - cooked

On Sunday morning, bake the rolls at 350 about 10-14 minutes, until golden brown.  You can see the marshmallow melting out of these rolls.  Wait until you taste them!

Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - single
Easter Traditions Resurrection Rolls - Empty

When you bite into the roll, you’ll notice it is empty inside.
What does that remind you of?

Holy Week Homeschool Activities with FREE Printable Resurrection Rolls -

I made these last night to show you how we do it. Hunter was studying for a Psychology test, so I wrapped up the hot rolls and delivered them on campus.  They were rich & yummy!  Hopefully they helped him study better…haha!

It is a great object lesson for kids of all ages.  Even my 3 year old can understand the marshmallow was there on Saturday night, but not on Sunday morning.  What a great way to share Jesus rising from the dead & leaving the tomb empty.  As your kids grow older, you can discuss that Jesus is the only man who has ever conquered death.

Holy Week Homeschool Activities with FREE Printable

Other Holy Week Homeschool Activities

Holy Week Homeschool Activities with FREE Printable & easter bible verses

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Question: What Easter traditions do you have?  You can leave a comment below

how to simplify your homeschool
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