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Today begins Holy Week (or Passion Week) so why not try some of our Holy Week for Kids Homeschool Activities in Language Arts, Science or History (below). Or, use Skies of the Cross for Bible, Science & History activities.

holy week for kids

Let’s begin with our free Bible Scripture Reading Plan. You can grab a copy of the week-long Bible reading plan right here:

This is a simple way to prepare your family for Easter next Sunday.  Besides the Scripture Reading Plan, I’d like share a few ideas that you can incorporate into your homeschool this week and  help your family prepare for Easter.

holy week for kids

Language Art Holy Week Activities

1. Narrate parts of the Easter story aloud. Use NLT version because it is intended to be read aloud. To get a free NLT copy, download You Version app of the Holy Bible. I use it every single day.

Palm Sunday: Mark 11
Last Supper: Mark 14
Christ on the Cross: John 19
Resurrection of Jesus Christ: John 20

How to use reading journals, discussion & Socratic dialogue as a mentor with this paperback: Teach Your Children "How to Think" with Mentoring

2. Copywork or dictation from one of the Easter story passages above.

3. Write the Easter story in your own words. Use your favorite writing program. I recommend Teaching Writing Structure & Style Unit 3 or WriteShop story writing units.

4. Have your students keep a reading journal and record their thoughts each day they read parts of the Easter story from the Bible. Use the Easter Scripture Reading Plan above. On Good Friday, discuss their findings using a Socratic Dialogue. For helps on Socratic Dialogue, use the strategies found in Teach Your Children “How to Think” with Mentoring.

Science Holy Week for Kids Activities

1. Study blood moons during the cross of Christ.  Use Skies of the Cross as your guide. This resource includes videos and more information about blood moons.

2. Study Solar & Lunar Eclipses over time. Write a paragraph about the 2018 lunar eclipse.

History Holy Week for Kids Activities
Use Skies of the Cross
as a guide for each of these Holy Week History Activities

Skies of the Cross-Easter Family Bible Study

1. Study the Jewish history of Sabbath & Passover.

2. Study Holy Week to discover the date of the Cross.

3. Create a timeline of Good Friday events before and after the Cross. Include what the skies were like on Good Friday.

4. Create a Blood Moon timeline from the Cross of Cross to present time.

Choose one of our Holy Week Kids Activities and include them in your homeschool this year. Leave a comment below and you can enter to win our Skies of the Cross Bible Study.

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Question: How will you integrate Holy Week for kids activities into your homeschool? How are you preparing for Easter this year?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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