What Really Happened at the Cross?
Why Should It Matter to YOU?

Many wonders occurred the day Jesus died.

Do your kids know what happened? Do you know what happened?

The skies at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion are awesome…they brought AWE to those near the Cross. Just like we should be in awe of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.

Why Should the Easter’s Skies of the Cross Matter to You?

Let’s face it, now is perfect time to model and mentor Biblical learning, tools of learning and a love of learning. Spend time as a family growing closer to God, as you discover when, what & how all the wonders of Easter came to pass. You’ll discover more about blood moons, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses.

With the upcoming TOTAL Solar Eclipse on April 8, your kids will get excited to learn what happened in the Easter skies when Jesus died.


Turn your homeschool or family devotions into an inspiring week about Astronomy, Bible, History and more. Print & Go for each person in your family.

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