“Why Should Easter's Skies of the Cross Matter to You?”

Let’s face it, now is perfect time to model and mentor Biblical learning, tools of learning and a love of learning. Spend time as a family discovering when, what & how all the wonders of Easter came to pass.


Several years ago I published our first family Bible study…about the Star of Bethlehem. In that guide, we looked at just a few Easter Bible verses. However, I wanted to spend more time on the skies at the time of the cross. And…I want to help you be a better mentor of Bible study and model your love of learning the Bible.


That’s why I created the Skies of the Cross: Easter Family Bible Study


…as an addition to my Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study.

“What Really Happened at The Cross?” 

Many wonders occurred the day Jesus died.

Do your kids know what happened?
Do you know what happened?

The skies at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion are awesome…they brought AWE to those near the Cross. Just like we should be in awe of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.

Discover more about blood moons, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses and the signs God uses with His people. Besides learning about the skies at the time of Jesus’ death, you will also discover when God has used a blood moon throughout the rest of history.

Besides Easter Bible verses, what will you discover in our guide?


Clues about Christ’s Crucifixion – Homeschool Bible


Prophecies Fulfilled at the Cross – Homeschool Bible & History


Timing of the Day of the Cross – Homeschool Bible


Blood Moons Today – Homeschool Science


Solar & Lunar Eclipses – Homeschool Science


How God Uses the Skies as a Sign – Homeschool History

What’s Included in the Easter Skies of the Cross Bundle?

Good Question. Take a look at all you get:


Skies of the Cross Family Study Guide ($14.97)


Skies of the Cross Family Answer Key ($4.95)


Bible Readings for Passion Week: Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday ($2.95)


Easter Feasts Chart ($2.95)


Stations of the Cross ($7.00)


Easter Activities: Keep Christ in Easter ($10.00)

Most of our holidays are being taken over by commercialism and busyness. Keep Christ in your Easter celebration with our Easter Activities. You’ll receive:

  • Bible Reading Plan & Printable
  • Questions for your Bible Reading
  • Easter Crafts that relate to Jesus’ death & resurrection
  • Fun, foods that represent parts of Jesus’ story
  • Stages of the Cross
  • Lots of fun activities to encourage discussion about the true meaning of Easter

Our Easter Activities begin on Palm Sunday and work their way through Easter Sunday, including Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.


Prepare Your Heart for Easter – GUARD Your Heart – Most important VIDEO in my opinion $7.00


Prepare Your Heart & Your Kids Hearts to Grow at Easter – Tips for BUSY MOMS – includes overview of Holy Week VIDEO $7.00


Easter: Prepare Your Heart by Walking & Loving VIDEO $7.00


Easter & Last Supper VIDEO $7.00


Plus Our Bonus for YOU:

Family Fun: Easter Activity Collection ($14.95)

 209 Easter Recipes, Crafts, Games

Total Bundle & Bonus: $88.70

Bundle Price $25

I just received your “Star of Bethlehem” ebook. It is AWEsome! . . . I am so excited about this material that I can hardly wait to introduce it to our children.


Thank you for your time & for your AWEsome (in the true sense of the word) ebook. I am looking forward to the availability of the rest of your material on astronomy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Julie Banton

This is perfect for you as you mentor your kids, showing them how to study the Bible and discover more about our Lord and Savior who sacrificed Himself for us.I hope this will be an inspiring addition to your Easter celebration this year.

100% Risk Free

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