History of Thanksgiving – Pilgrim Unit Study {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 15 Gratitude Card Idea: Siblings

Tell your siblings why you appreciate them. Let your kids do the same thing by following the guidelines from Thursday.

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When your kids are young, it might be difficult to explain the history of Thanksgiving. This Pilgrim Unit Study is based on an excellent book, Three Young Pilgrims.

Learn more about the Pilgrims and native people who were living in Plymouth during the first Thanksgiving.

Use the 7 day unit study to explore all aspects of young pilgrims. During these lessons you will read “Three Young Pilgrims”, which is for kids in grades 3rd-8th. Click on book title to get 7 lessons about the history of Thanksgiving.

Three Young Pilgrims

history of thanksgiving - 30 days of thanks - three young pilgrims

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Question: What other Thanksgiving or book unit studies have you used? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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