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Healthy kids & healthy living . . .  of course we want these.  But sometimes it’s hard to research all you need to keep your kids healthy.  Today, I want to review a few healthy living ebooks and share at least one tip I learned from each one.

Let’s get started.

You can have healthy children & family when you use DIY Natural Remedies {Review} from

DIY Natural Remedies

I’m so excited about DIY Natural Remedies because Nina will give you a great introduction to natural & alternative remedies for your entire family.  Not only will you learn how to get started & what items to keep on hand, you’ll also discover specifics for everyday ailments.

  • Aches & Pains
  • Allergies
  • Babies & Kids
  • Colds & Flu
  • Immune System
  • Skin
  • Women Issues (just for you, mom)

After reading through the first 5 pages, you can simply skip to the sections that will help your family.  For each item listed in your Natural Medicine Cabinet, you’ll find a full page describing that item & how to use it.


For instance, Chamomile is a calming herb that can be used in tea to help kids sleep or improve their appetite. Chamomile can also be used for colic. I’m sure moms with a colic baby would love a natural way to help sooth their child.  It can also be used to heal sores & alleviate aches.

Next, she explains how to use Chamomile as a tea, as a balm or other topical purposes.  Later in the book, you’ll learn how to prepare herbs for a variety of uses (teas, infusion, balms, etc). A word of caution is included for each herb.  With Chamomile, you should pick only flower tops.

Essential Oils

And what would a book on natural remedies be, if it didn’t include a section on essential oil. For each oil in your natural medicine cabinet, you’ll learn when to use each one to have healthy children.

Simple Natural Recipes

Finally, you’ll get recipes for specific ailments.  Earache oil brings back memories. When Hunter was young, I made my own version of earache oil (oil & garlic) to treat his many earaches.  Nina also includes mullein & chamomile to reduce inflammation. Wish I had known that many years ago.

This book alone could help save you unnecessary trips to the doctor, which saves time & money.  Think about it. If you can save yourself one unnecessary trip to the doctor by using information from this book in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, it’s well worth your investment.  I spend more than $30 when I go to the doctor, so it was a no-brainer for me to grab the bundle.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to the doctor, but I always tried natural remedies for awhile to see if my child healed.

You’re the mom. You know what’s best for each one of your kids.

get healthy kids when you try Traditional Remedies for Modern Families {Review} from

 Traditional Remedies for Modern Families

Just perusing through the table of contents, I know Traditional Remedies for Modern Families can  help homeschool families who want healthy kids.

Sarah begins her book by giving the benefits of natural remedies.

  1. Non-toxic
  2. Speed of treatment-No waiting for return phone call telling you what to do
  3. Works WITH your immune system, instead of suppressing it
  4. Strengthens bond between child & parent

As Sarah discusses different treatments you might use at home, she includes stories about her own family & other families. I like this because I can relate to stories & realize my family isn’t the only one with this problem.  Flip to the section you need & it’s an easy read to discover the best treatment for your own kids.

Throughout the book, you’ll find simple recipes you can create at home and website links for more research.

Holistic First Aid – Homeopathy

When my kids were at home, I started using homeopathy. We still use homeopathy for certain illnesses. My favorite is Belladona for a sore throat & fever. Most of the time, my kids were feeling better in LESS than an hour. It became my miracle drug for sore throats with a fever.

Sarah includes an explanation of holistic remedies (homeopathy) andhow to use them.  It’s another great list I wish I had when my kids were young. At least I’ll have it for my grandkids.

You’ll Be Surprised at This One . . .

There is so much information in this book, I can’t begin to cover all of it. I’ll close with one of my favorite treatments. It’s for mosquito bites.  I get mosquito bites, just walking to the car from my home in the evening.  It’s horrible.  Now, I have a new treatment – inside of a banana peel.  Our family uses banana peels for warts, but haven’t tried it for mosquito bites. I’ll be trying it this week.

Like I said with the first book, using these natural remedies for healthy kids can save you the time of an unnecessary doctor visit.

Should You Invest in these Books?

Why not invest in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle  and save yourself time & money by avoiding the doctor’s office when it is not necessary?

When my kids were young, I spent so much time at the doctor’s office. Once I discovered homeopathy & other natural treatments, I spent much less time at the doctor’s office. Sure, we went for trauma, high fever or breathing troubles, but we didn’t go for everyday ailments.  I truly believe both of these books can help moms take better care of their kids.

Between these 2 books, you should have everything you need for healthy living, healthy kids, healthy family.  These ladies cover so much information in such a short space that you’ll be glad you got the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle


.Question: What struggles do you have in living a healthy life? What tips can you share about healthy living You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. Hi Kerry

    Finally I have bought this bundle after 2 days hesitation. I have downloaded Sarah’s book BUT was disappointed that this book is without the front cover. Her earlier book “Healthy fats” also don’t have the front over. I wrote to her and she emailed the front cover separately BUT is is different if is not part of the book.

    My invoice no: 70882

    It will take some time to fully download those books.


    1. Patricia,
      Thanks for letting me know. I thought my copy had the front cover. We will check. If not, I will send you the jpg that was given to me.

  2. I have now bought the bundle too, after debating for three days. This is all stuff I have dabbled in for the past 5 years and finally want to jump fully into. Most of these books sound like just what I need.
    I love how you have explained, sort of like a review, these today and in the past days. Thank you!! You have assured me it was well worth my money, and given me some helpful hints on a few areas. 🙂

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