Have you gotten your Christian Living Bundle?

Have you gotten your Christian Living bundle?

If not, you have about 24 hours to grab your copy.

Now if it seems ovewhelming with over 75 ebooks, here’s a suggestion.  Take a look at the list of ebooks & choose 5-10 that can help you right now.  That’s all you need to read to make this bundle worth your investment.

If you’re still unsure, I want to share a few resources that can help you –  homeschool moms.  Each of these are intended to help you raise Christian kids in today’s society.  Check these out . . .

Saying Yes to God as a Family

Saying Yes to God as a Family - 30 lessons & review from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comWhen I perused the titles of The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle, this one did not jump out to me.  As I was looking for another title, I saw this ebook & thought I’d take a look.

WOW…I’m so glad I did.

This speaks my language because it’s all about teaching the Bible to your kids, around the table.  I won’t get on my soapbox; I’ll let Kristen Welch speak for me.

We can’t leave our children’s Christian education solely up to the church. It’s our responsibility as parents to provide spiritual guidance to the children God has given us. Not only will this habit offer them the chance to get to know the God of the Bible personally, it has the divine power to change their lives.

 Even when I was in charge of our Sunday School, I encouraged parents to take the lead in their child’s Christian education.  Welch offers simple steps to read the Bible together as  a family.  You can put these ideas into practice today.  She helps you make Bible reading a family habit.

Going beyond Bible reading, kristen shares strategies to memorize Scripture as a family.  I also like the icebreaker ideas to get your kids talking around the table.

Now the bulk of the ebook:  30 Day Bible Reading Plan

The Bible Reading Plan is so EASY to use.  All you need to do is open up the ebook (on your phone or computer or printed).  Then, follow the directions. Each day you will find:

  • Suggested Icebreaker
  • Scripture to Read – You’ll be covering the Gospel of John
  • Suggested Questions
  • Suggested Prayer

Extra Resources are included in the back of the ebook.  These include:

  • Placemat Art Printables – to make Scripture placemats for your family
  • Quotes to Brighten your Day
  • Rhinestone Jesus book – Forward, Intro, Prologue, Chapter 1

Even if you already have daily devotions with your family, you’ll find encouragement, resources & 30 days of devotions for you to use.  Perfect to gather around your table & teach your kids the Word of God. 

Thanksgiving Heart, by Stacie Nelson 

Create a Thanksgiving Heart  - review by HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comI was immediately attracted to this ebook because Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Since I’ve been sharing 30 days of thanksgiving on my blog, I’m sure this will also help Christian moms & homeschoolers.

Stacie includes personal stories of how she struggled to be thankful & how God created a thankful spirit within. One of the most important ways to develop thanksgiving in your kids is to model thankfulness.

Stacie includes specific tips on modeling thankfulness, such as saying thank yo to your spouse for little things.  The words, thank you, are more powerful than you realize. You can write those words or speak those words or share & tell those words, sing those words, pray those words.

You’ll also discover ways to help your kids serve others.  By serving others, your kids develop a thankful heart.  Stacie includes 30 practical ways to serve, including buying Christmas gifts for others. My kids used to earn money to pay for Christmas gifts to others.

Recording your thanks can help your kids visualize what God has done for your family.  You’ll find several ways to record your thanks, like a gratitude tee or gratitude artwork.

For homeschoolers, you’ll have 15 thanksgiving writing prompts. What a great way to integrate writing into thanksgiving.

At the end of Thankful Heart, you’ll receive 30 days journey of gratitude.  For each of the 30 days, you’ll have Scripture to read & an activity to develop thankfulness. If my kids were still at home, I’d use this throughout November.

All I can say is that Thanksgiving Heart has everything you need to create thankful kids & a thankful family.

 Because I Said So

Because I Said So - Bible study for kids on obedience {Review} from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comBecause I Said So is a Bible study about being obedient.  You can do this verbally if your kids don’t read yet. If they read, they can do this Bible study on their own. You can go over it together.

You’ll also receive printables to help your kids be obedient  and copy work for obedient verses.


Christ in the Commandments

Christ in the Commandments for your familyChrist in the Commandments is a family study of 10 commandments. For each of the 30 lessons you’ll have:

Opening Thought
Scripture Reading
Explanation of Scripture Reading
Questions for Your Kids (with answers for you)

It’s really that easy . . .  another 30 lessons for you to study God’s Word around the table.

 Christmas Celebrations

Why not strive to keep Christ the focus of our holidays?  Although we want to do so, our society can pull us away from the true focus of Christmas.

In this ebook, you’ll have tons of ideas to celebrate Advent, Christmas & Epiphany from a Biblical worldview.  You’ll have practical ways to keep your kids focused on Scripture & Christ.  This includes a Scripture reading plan during Advent, as well as hands-on activities to help your kids serve others.

Not only will you receive tips for Advent & Christmas, you’ll have Bible lessons for the 12 days after Christmas. This culminates with an Epiphany feast to celebrate the Wise Men.

Once you open Christmas Celebrations, you’ll have links to their 25 day Advent Countdown & a free online workshop to put Christ back into Christmas.

Learning to Speak Life: A fresh approach to family Bible time with Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit - ebook for kids {Review} from HowtoHomeschoolMyChild.comMichael & Carlie Kerchavel offer a complete study of the fruit of the Spirit. You could use each lesson for an entire week with your family as you center on that fruit of the Spirit.

For each Fruit of the Spirit Lesson, you’ll find:

  • Scripture to read – You can even read it every day for a week
  • What is…? – discuss that particular fruit
  • Confessions – to speak out loud each day
  • Copywork – for different ages
  • Role Play – skits for your kids to act out
  • Silly Sayings – to help you remember that fruit
  • Short Story – about that fruit
  • Family Discussion Time – great to use at a meal time
  • Family Project – to demonstrate that fruit
  • Prayer – to reinforce the concepts
  • Digging Deeper – into God’s Word about each fruit
 If you only read these ebooks from the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle, it is well worth your investment. If you’re still wondering if this is a wise investment, don’t take too long to decide.  You have less than 24 hours until this bundle is no longer available.
Click here to grab your bundle right now.

Question: Which book in The Ultimate Christian Bundle do you want to read first? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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