Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love Valentine’s Day…Actually I love all the holidays and celebrating. Anything for a celebration or party while I”m homeschooling

As you probably already know, Valentine’s Day is a family celebration at my home, but this year will be our first Valentine Day alone since Ashley was born. All the kids have their own plans…part of growing up.

When they were at home…my kids were always included in the way we celebrated Valentine’s Day. Sure, Steve & I celebrate our love for each other, but our kids were not left out of our love.

When I think about our family celebration, I’m reminded of the way I was raised… My parents included us in our Valentine’s Day celebration. My dad would bring home flowers for my mom and then we would have a special Valentine dinner. Thanks, Dad & Mom for the example you set for me.

On to our 14 days of freebies & gifts.

Since I began this series with a free ebook, I’m going to conclude it with a free ebook. Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time for birding. My kids loved watching the birds. Once year we had a bird nest right outside our living room window. We watched the bird lay eggs and the eggs hatch.

Today I am giving you 50 Bird Treats. Skim through the book and find one you would like to make this year. Then, find a special place to put the treat so you attract birds over the next few months.

Here it is:

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Kerry Beck

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