Happy Thanksgiving {30 Days of Thanks}

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I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving as much as me.  We drove to my parents’ farm last night and love every minute of relaxing.  All my kids are here, as well as my brother’s family.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 - Girls  ~

I’ve thought for a couple weeks about what to write on Thanksgiving Day.  What God continues to tell me is to give thanks in “every” thing. It doesn’t matter if life is great or falling apart.  He calls us to give thanks.

And then, His mysterious work begins and joy comes upon us.

Although I’m thankful for so many positives in my life . . . .

  • family,
  • friends
  • warm house
  • plenty of food
  • continuous blessings in business
  • opportunities to serve Him

. . .   I know it equally important that I tell God thanks for the lows in my life.

The most difficult thing for me to say “thanks” is watching my children endure difficult situations. Even though they pray for direction, sometimes life is rough. Sometimes employers are not nice. Sometimes, there is too much to do in any one day.

But we are stilled called to give thanks!

Thank you God for rough times.
Thank you for allowing me to cling to you when life isn’t easy.

Most of all, thanks for your Son, Jesus Christ, dying for my sin and saving me from the punishment I deserve.

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Question: What are you thankful for today?  You can leave a comment by clicking here.
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how to simplify your homeschool
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