Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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I’m Irish and we are celebrating today! Happy St Patricks Day

I’ve already baked Irish Soda Bread and our Irish Stew is cooking as I write (smells good). In the meantime, I want to share some photos from our trip to Ireland. In 2009, Steve & I were asked to speak in Belfast. We arrived several days early and toured Northern Ireland. Today, I’ll share photos from our first day.

If you’ve ever traveled across the pond, you probably traveled overnight to get there. When you arrive it is morning. We immediately hit the road, driving north from Belfast and arriving at Carrickfergus Castle. Take a look.

St Patricks Day -CarrickfergusWe only drove for about an hour and we found our first castle.  What a treat.  I felt like I had traveled back in time about 1000 years.

St Patricks Day -View from Carrickfergus

Looking through one of the windows from the top of the castle.  Awesome View!

St Patricks Day - GlenarmWe drove up to discover it was not open for visitors.  Oh well.

St Patricks Day - Glenarm CastleAlthough we could not go inside Glenarm, we saw beautiful views around the castle.

St Patricks Day - Irish VillageWhen we parked for lunch, we saw these cute boats and this wonderful beach.  What a beautiful place!

St Patricks Day - NE Ireland beach

After our drive, we arrived at Kilbane House, our bed & breakfast for the night.  We both slept well and were ready for a new day.  I’ll share those pics tomorrow.

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Feel free to leave a comment about your travels.

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