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When I look up from my desk, I see Hunter’s handprint as a toddler. What  wonderful memories I have. I can’t believe he was that small.  How about making wonderful memories every year by making Christmas handprint ornaments each year?

handprint ornaments

I have a few handprint ornaments, but wish I had made a handprint ornament every year. There are so many fun ways to record your kids growing up.  Besides a great memory for Mom & Dad, you can make extra copies of these handprint ornaments for grandparents or other family members.

Let’s take a look at some simple ones you could make this year. Choose one for this year. Then, leave your name & email below for the Christmas Handprint Ornament List at the end of this post and we’ll send you all of them for next year and many years to come.

handprint ornaments

Snowman Handprint Ornaments

You’ll need blue or clear ornament globes to make this handprint ornament. If you use a clear globe, be sure to add some fake snow inside the ornament to represent snow for your snowmen to stand on.

Paint your child’s hand white. Put the ornament in the palm of your child’s hand. Press all the fingers up the ornament. Let dry overnight.

Using sharpies, add an orange “carrot” nose, a black hat, black or colored buttons. You can add other features, like mouth (dots) or eyes. From there, let your child be creative as they add to the ornament. Let your child sign & date the back of the ornament.

wise men's camel handprint ornaments

Wise Men’s Camel Handprint Decor or Ornament

This handprint activity for kids can be used as wall decor, a framed gift for grandparents or an ornament. In fact, you’ll receive a printable when you sign up for our Handprint Ornament List. All you need is white card stock to get started.

Print out the camel decor page. Then, paint your child’s hand brown and press it in the middle of the printable as the shape of a camel representing a camel that the 3 wise men rode to see Jesus as a baby. Add a star sticker or paint a star in the sky. Let your kids color Mary, Joseph & Jesus.

You’ll also want to add eyes and a mouth for the camel. If your kids are older, they can draw these themselves.  Be sure to let your child sign and date this decor or ornament.

If you’re using it as a handprint ornament, punch a hole at the top and string festive ribbon and a bow to hang it on your tree. If you’re using it as decor, you can frame it or hang it by itself on the wall.  Your preference.

angel handprint ornaments

Angel Handprint Decor or Ornament

Similar to the camel handprint activity, this angel handprint ornament can be used to decorate the tree or framed as a keepsake.  Paint both hands yellow or gold.  Print them on the square card stock with about 2 inches space between them.

Wash hands.

Paint one hand blue and print in between the 2 yellow “wing” handprints. Use a round sponge brush to print the face in beige. Add hair with pinkie fingerprints. If you have a star sponge, add stars around the angel. Let dry overnight.

With sharpies, add eyes and mouth. If you don’t have a star sponge, add star stickers around the angel. Again, be sure to have your child add their name & date if they can print their name. Otherwise, you can add it.

See Camel instructions for making it an ornament or framed gift.

Christmas tree handprint ornaments

Christmas Tree Handprint Ornaments

There are so many ways to create this ornament. You’ll start with painting your child’s hand green. You can print their hand on a clear or white ornament. Or, you can print it on white card stock. Let the green handprint dry overnight before decorating the tree handprint.

To decorate the tree, you can use any of these ideas.

  • Use colored paint to add gold garland.
  • Add colored ornaments with your child’s fingerprints of any color.
  • Add a painted star at the top with a star stamp or star sponge. Or, glue on a star jewel at the top.
  • Add tiny garland to your tree.
  • Find small jewels or stars to glue on as ornaments.

Let your child sign and date the ornament

I’ve pulled all these ideas into a free printable for you to use this year and many years to come. Enter your name & email below and we’ll send the Handprint Ornament Guide & Printable, with directions to all these ideas. All for FREE.

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  1. There’s nothing like a handmade ornament to decorate a Christmas tree! The homemade ornaments are the ones treasured most over the years.

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