Gratitude Journal for Kids

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Gratitude journaling is a great way to help kids reflect and record their blessings. Journaling can also help kids develop art skills, flex their creativity, and improve their vocabulary and writing skills. Let’s talk about gratitude journal for kids.

Gratitude Journal for Kids & Free 30 Day Gratitude Writing Prompts

Consider Starting a Thirty Days of Gratitude Journal

In our homeschool, we use thirty days of gratitude journaling every year. I love looking back through and seeing what my son was most grateful for, which memories he was treasuring the most, and how his gratitude was shaping his reality as he has grown. This activity was how we spent the first 25 minutes of every school day in November for years and I truly believe it was time well spent. He would agree. 

I encourage you to try this gratitude journal for kids activity with your family this year. The benefits are well worth your efforts and the resulting journals will become family treasures.

What You Will Need To Start A Thirty Days of Gratitude Journal for Kids

  • A notebook
  • A list of writing and drawing prompts
  • Pens, colored pencils, and crayons
  • 25 minutes (or less) set aside for the activity each day.

Writing and Sketching Prompts

  1. Who were the last three people you said thank you to? Why did you say it?
  2. What are three things your parents do for you that you are grateful for?
  3. What is one way you can express your gratitude for something nice that has been done for you recently?
  4. Draw a picture of a place that makes you feel happy and safe.
  5. Write an acrostic poem using the word grateful.
  6. Share an experience where you were full of joy.
  7. What are two flavors or dishes that always make you feel happy?
  8. What are three things you really like about yourself?
  9. Draw a picture of a happy memory and write a description of the story it holds.
  10. What is your favorite animal? Share what you think is special or unique about this animal.
  11. List two people in your life who you look up to and share why?
  12. Draw a picture of your favorite flower or tree. What is about this flower or tree that you find unique and special?
  13. Share a song that makes you smile. Which stanza is your favorite?
  14. List one person or thing you can be grateful for that you don’t usually appreciate as you could. Share a few ways you could better appreciate this person or thing.
  15. List an animal you personally know and are grateful for. What is special about your chosen one?
  16. List two things you have accomplished that you feel really good about. Write two descriptive sentences about each one.
  17. Draw a person who you are grateful for today. Choose one word to describe them.
  18. Share a talent that you have and why you are grateful for that gift.
  19. Write an acrostic poem using your name.
  20. List a particular story or movie that you are grateful for. Then share your favorite part.
  21. What is one of the best gifts you were ever given? Who gave it to you and why is it special to you?
  22. What is your favorite season? Share five things you love about this season.
  23. Draw a picture of your favorite place in your favorite season.
  24. What three things do you love most about the town you live in?
  25. What do you most love about nature? Share an experience you had out in nature that made you feel happy.
  26. Who makes you feel loved? Share a few ways they show you that you are special to them.
  27. What activities are you grateful for? Do you have a favorite sport or hobby? Share why you enjoy this activity.
  28. What is your favorite holiday? Share a special holiday memory that you treasure.
  29. Share in your own words what it means to be grateful and how you can be more grateful every day.
  30. What was your favorite prompt from your Thirty Days of Gratitude journal activity? Explain how keeping this journal has helped you to recognize the many blessings in your life.
Gratitude Journal for Kids & Free 30 Day Gratitude Writing Prompts

Take Time To Share

As you work your way through these prompts give your kids plenty of opportunities to share their answers and listen well to the answers others provide. This helps everyone learn to appreciate the many blessings surrounding them daily. I hope you enjoyed this post and that you find a lot of meaning in this activity! I have some other fun gratitude activities that your family may also enjoy.

Check out my post Counting Blessings With Your Kids to learn how to make Gratitude Lists and create a beautiful Gratitude Garland for your child’s desk, or bedroom door. You may also consider – How To Make Your Family A Gratitude Jar which only takes a few minutes a day to put together.

Finally, we offer a fun packet of activities that are all about Teaching Gratitude to your kids. This packet includes Gratitude Scavenger Hunts, coloring pages, the gratitude jar activity, journal prompts, thank you cards, and more. You can learn more about that here – Teaching Gratitude Bundle. 

You can get the 30 Day Gratitude Journal Prompts and Check List by leaving your name & email. We’ll zip it on over to your inbox.

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