Goal Setting Worksheet {with a Book Review of 18 Minutes}

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Before I start my review, let me assure you that there are goal setting worksheets at the bottom of this post. Just for homeschool moms!

goal setting worksheet

They are based on the approach given in 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Your Distraction & Get the Right Things Done.

18 Minutes was highly recommended to me as a business book.  I put off reading it for awhile, but when January 2012 came around I decided to read it.

Boy, am I glad I did.

The goals I wrote down are in the back of my prayer book.  I still read them every so often to keep on track.

This is not your normal goal setting book.


A Quick Overview

Part 1 describes how you need to take pause in your life.  The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to do this.  Take some time to slow down and hover over your world.

Next we start with the big picture. Part 2 helps you find your focus by asking “What is this year about?”  Bregman offers 4 elements as you find your focus

  1. Leverage your strengths
  2. Embrace your weaknesses
  3. Assert your differences – It’s good to be different
  4. Pursue your passion – Through persistence, ease & meaning

Part 2 concludes with you writing down the 5 areas you want to focus on 2013.  These include professional & personal areas.  Mine include:

goal setting worksheet - focus areas

As a homeschool mom, you might have more personal areas of focus than a working mom,  Either way, these 5 areas will help you stay focused throughout 2013 as you plan each day.

18 Minutes a Day

Part 3 shows you how to make a daily plan that takes 18 minutes a day.  No, you won’t spend 18 “straight” minutes on your daily plan.  It is broken into several 1-5 minute increments that will help you stay focused on the 5 areas you listed in Part 2.

In 2012, I was successful in some of the ideas from part 3 such as the to do list, the beep, the calendar, getting things off the to do list.

goal setting worksheet - daily to doIn 2013 I plan to work on my ignore list, morning & evening minutes & daily ritual to be more successful in my focus.  Using my 5 morning & evening minutes will help me choose the right activities each day.

Finally, Part 4 discusses what this moment is about?
You’ll learn how to master your motivations, distractions and yourself to stay focused on your 5 areas.

If you’re a homeschool mom, you have plenty of distractions.  Don’t kid yourself. I know you have distractions.

I think Part 4 can be very helpful to you as you manage your home, educate your kids and support your spouse.  You’ll learn a wide variety of strategies you can use in your own home.

At the end of his book, Bregman says it all starts with one thing.  Your one thing will be different from mine, but we each start our goals with one thing.

To understand more fully the details of Bregman’s process & 18 Minute plan, grab a copy of his book by clicking the image below.


I’ve made some worksheets I’m using for my 5 areas of annual focus, as well as a daily plan template.  If you’d like your own copy, enter your first name and primary email below.  I’ll send them to you immediately.

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Question: How do you set your goals?  annual goals? daily goals?
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  1. Thanks so much for this review!!! I am excited to read it! Another book you will want to read (she wrote it to be read in one day and implemented the next because all it is is meat, no fluff) is Tell Your Time. I think combining the two books is going to be a good help to me. And it might help you too.

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