Goal Setting for Homeschool Moms

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In my recent post, I discussed the importance of goal setting as a Mom. Without a vision, the people perish. This includes stay at home moms and especially homeschool moms.

What’s your vision for your family?

Where do you start in setting goals to accomplish that vision?

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1. Write down your vision.

Decide what you really want to do or what you want to do as you raise your children to be Godly leaders. These are life goals for you and your children. This is your overall vision. For our family, an overarching vision was to raise children who could think Biblically & critically.

2. List short term and long term goals necessary for you need to achieve lifetime goals.

Our family chose subject activities to encourage critical & Biblical decision making. This included choosing formal school subjects, as well as having in depth discussions at our dinner table.

3. Break down goals into the smaller and manageable targets that you must complete.

What do you want to accomplish this year? this month?

Look at where you are as a family right now as you decide these manageable goals.

Our short term goals included one topic each week for dinner discussions. We also had to make a point to eat dinner together. We were all on board so we ate at a variety of times ranging from 5:30 to 9pm.

4. Write down daily activities so you can achieve your goals.

It is imperative that you write down your goal.

I have a small notepad next to my Bible. When I read my Bible each morning, I write down any idea that pops into my head. This keeps me focused on my Bible reading, without forgetting ideas I have. During my prayer time, I can pray about any ideas I’ve written down.

5. Once you have your list waste no time in tackling your goals.

At breakfast, I re-read my list and put times/priorities on my list so I stay focus on what is most important for that day . . . after praying about my list.

These are just a few ideas I use when setting goals. Each year you can re-evaluate last year’s goals as you set goals for the upcoming year.

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Question: How do you keep track of your goals? Leave a comment here.

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  1. Good advice and excellent words of encouragement! Thank you for sharing this as it is a great reminder of what to do in order to achieve.

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