Fun Homeschooling Ideas {Weekend Links}

10 free unit studies

Looking for fun homeschooling ideas ?  Look no further. Check out these ladies’ wonderful sites by clicking the link below each image.

How to Homeschool My childABC’s of Homeschooling

Every other week you’ll see a post for a new letter.  This week’s post is “A” – Aquarium!

how to homeschool my child

Free & Fun Homeschooling Pack

how to homeschool my child in art

World’s Greatest Artists

how to homeschool my child with chores

Chore Chart Inspiration

how to homeschool my child with reading

Word Flippers & Lumberjack Reading Freebie

Please let these wonderful bloggers know that you are using this info.  Feel free to tell them that Kerry Beck sent you over there 😉

How to Homeschool My Child

What's Missing in Your Homeschool Quiz
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