Fun Daddy Daughter Date Ideas {Valentines Ideas}

When our kids were young, Steve heard an older gentleman at our church share how he took his kids on dates. It was a fantastic way to connect with each child individually.  So, Steve decided to take our girls on dates. (At the time, Hunter was too young).

Fun Daddy Daughter Date Ideas from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comThe girls were 3 and 5 years old, at the time. I vividly remember them getting dressed up for their first date with Daddy.  I think Gentry chose a Mexican restaurant downtown for their “smashed” beans. Ashley may have chosen Oriental.

Over the next 15 years, Steve took all the kids (including Hunter) on Dates with Dad.  Each child got to choose what they would do on their date. And yes, the dates changed over the years. Go-karts, putt-putt, movies, ice cream, dances . . . you get the idea.

What are some fun daddy daughter date ideas . . . or daddy & son date ideas?

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Lunch or Dinner at restaurant of child’s choice
  3. Bicycling
  4. Roller skating or Ice skating
  5. Visit a pet store (Watch out! You might bring one home :-))
  6. Take a dancing class together so she learns to dance
  7. Sporting event of child’s choice
  8. Zoo
  9. Volunteer together
  10. Go shopping to child’s favorite store

Try doing something you don’t do every other day…and let your kids choose.

By the time our kids were in high school, we had lunch dates with Dad.  The kids had activities at night, so lunches worked better.  To keep it organized, Steve had a lunch date every Wednesday.

1st Wednesday – Ashley
2nd Wednesday -Gentry
3rd Wednesday -Hunter
4th Wednesday – Me – Hey, I get a date with my hubby, too!

This made it easy to remember whose turn it was for a lunch date.

With Valentines around the corner, why not start a new “loving” tradition by having dates with daddy?

Fun Daddy Daughter Date Ideas from

It will have a huge impact on both dad & kids.  How so?

First, kids need physical affection.  If Daddy is taking out his daughters, they will receive a hug from the man in her life. Dad fills that need, so she won’t go looking elsewhere for that affection.

Next, this is an excellent opportunity for girls & guys to learn how to treat each other — learning good manners.  Girls learn to expect boys to open the door for them.  Boys learn good table manners.

Finally, dads develop a special relationship with each child.  Steve had a chance to visit with each of our kids to find out how they are doing. As they got older, this was so important.  We wanted our kids to come to us when they had problems or concerns.  Since they were used to visiting with Steve on dates, they were more likely to talk to him about problems.

For more ideas on Daddy Dates,
here’s are 3 resources from a Christian perspective:

51 Frugal Father-Daughter Date Ideas

51 frugal father-daughter dates - Fun Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas from

If you’re looking for inspiration for spending one-on-one time with your little ones, this collection of father-daughter date ideas offers more than 50 opportunities to strengthen that special relationship. While the book title is geared toward fathers and daughters, most of these ideas are perfect for mothers and sons as well.

Discover tons of FREE or inexpensive date ideas that kids are sure to love and make regular one-on-one dates a part of your family culture!  Did you see how CHEAP this book is?

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88 Great Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

88 great daddy dates - Fun Daddy Daughter Date Ideas from

With today’s busy schedules, it can be difficult for fathers to create meaningful memories with their girls. 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas provides dads with a wide variety of fun ideas for spending quality time with their daughters. Each date tells dads what to grab (any needed supplies), where to go, and how to grow together while having a blast and making great memories.

Included for each date are Scriptures and questions to get the conversation flowing. From bird-watching and making paper airplanes to bowling and photo scavenger hunts, there’s something for every dad and every little girl ages 6-12.

Daddy Dates

daddy dates - Fun Daddy Daughter Date Ideas from

Daddy Dates  is about a guy taking his best shot at being a successful dad by trying to know his girls―really know their fears, dreams, and opinions―and how he stumbled across an incredible strategy to do that with daughters of any age or stage.

This funny, insightful, and relatable book poses the wildly original concept that should be a “duh” for most dads―but isn’t.  In order to raise a confident woman-to-be, show your daughter what it feels like to be treated with love, respect, and true interest by a man who loves her.

Daddy Dates  is not another “how to” book from a parenting expert.  It’s a personal, eye-opening, often humorous look at an Average Joe’s intentional pursuit of his daughter’s hearts and minds, and the love-inspired steps he is taking to solidify Dad’s place in each of their lives, forever.


How to Homeschool My Child

Question: What kind of Daddy-Daughter (or Daddy-Son) dates have y’all been on?
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  1. Got this in my inbox while my husband was on his first daddy/daughter date with 2 of our girls! Our American Heritage Girls group hosted it. Asked everyone to come dressed in their best, took pictures of the dads and daughters, showed veggie tAles “The Penniless Princess”, had dancing and refreshments. Such a wonderful idea!

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