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Fun Back to School Ideas {for homeschoolers}

I know some of you homeschool year round, but I liked taking rest during the summer. I was more of a Labor Day to Memorial Day homeschooler, taking a “Sabbath” during the summer.  My kids still learned during the summer, but that’s another post.

I love August as a back to school time.

New school supplies…

New outfit…

New tennis shoes…

New school books…

Fun Back to School Ideas

What back to school traditions do you have in your homeschool? Here are our Top 3 Back to School Ideas . . . David Letterman style!

3. First Day of School Photo

You probably take a photo the first day of school, each year. We took a photo in the entry hall…in the exact same spot every year. When Hunter was a senior in high school, he quickly went to the front door for his first day of school photo.

2. Back to School Lunch

I took (stole ;-)) this idea from my mom. She took each of us kids to lunch before school started. It was one of her back to school ideas, to spend individual time with each of us.

I still remember sitting in the Walgreens diner at Memorial City Mall in Houston. We never splurged to eat at the diner where you could talk to people walking by in the mall. I thought I was so important in that diner.

When my kids started school, I took them to lunch . . . by themselves. After lunch we went shopping for school supplies or a new outfit.

In fact, I hope to have lunch with Hunter next week, before he starts his semester at Texas A&M. Why end a good back to school tradition when your kids still live close by?

1. First Day of School Breakfast

Yep, breakfast on the first day of school is our #1 Back to School Tradition. You might wonder why, so let me tell you.

About 15 years ago, my kids came to the breakfast table and saw ice cream sundaes on the table.

They were shocked. Ice cream for breakfast. Has mom gone mad?

No, I recently read an article about adding fun to your family life. Do something shocking like serving popcorn for breakfast. I thought ice cream sundaes would be better.

Ever since, we’ve had ice cream sundaes for the first day of school breakfast. Even when Hunter was the only one at home for his senior year, I had ice cream and toppings for breakfast.

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back to school ideas & traditions for homeschoolers

Question: How do you celebrate Back to School?
What do you serve for breakfast on the first day of school? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Our favorite back to school ideas ...whether you homeschool, private school or public school

7 Responses to Fun Back to School Ideas {for homeschoolers}

  1. Krysten T says:

    We had donuts for breakfast and ice cream for lunch today for our first day.

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  3. Kirsten says:

    I love these ideas! We also do a first day of school pic and one-on-one time. In addition, our first day is a field trip or fun outing 🙂

  4. Edith says:

    I have given my son a schultute – (a cone-shaped posterboard containing school supplies and treats) to celebrate his German heritage. We also measure his height and weight and record it.

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