Free Bible Study on Thanksgiving . . . for Your Family {30 Days of Thanks}

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day12 - FREE Bible stuy on Thanksgiving ... for you & your kids to do together - 30 days thanksgiving activities for kids ~

I finished the first part of my Thanksgiving Bible study and want to give it to you…for free!  It’s a word study on “eucharisteo”, the Greek word for thanks.  There are a few questions about eucharisteo in the beginning and then a chart for all the verses where this word is used in the New Testament.

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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

At the end, you will find a few follow-up questions so you & your kids can apply the truths of eucharisteo. Be sure to let your kids do this study with you. Let it be your Bible in homeschooling this season.

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Free Thanksgiving Bible study for Families - from 30 Days of Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

When you sign up (above), you’ll also receive a link to Part 2 – A Short Study of Thanksgiving in Philippians.

Free Study on Thanksgiving...Short study on being thankful in Philippians

Please share your discoveries as you study thanksgiving & eucharisteo.  Your feedback will help us as you we publish other items in the future.

Question: How are you teaching Biblical thankfulness to your kids? What did you discover about thanksgiving & eucharisteo? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Short study in Thanksgiving - FREE Thanksgiving Bible study from 30 days of Thanksgiving activities for kids


how to simplify your homeschool
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  1. Dear Kerry,

    Thanks for the study… haven’t been keeping up with your blog on a regular basis, as we’ve just had a wedding in the family, and several other tyranny of the urgent things happen for the last several months.

    Have you read Ann Voskamp’s book “One Thousand Gifts: a dare to live fully, right where you are” (it’s been on the NYT bestseller list for weeks)?

    The first time I heard the word “Eucharisteo” was in Ann’s writings; it’s been a life changing experience to read her blog and book and to start my own list of One Thousand Gifts.

    I began last year after I finished her book the first time (I’m on my second reading; it’s that good), and it has been a wonderful challenge ~ just what I needed.

    In any case, just wanted to thank you for putting the study together, and I’m looking forward to the next part tomorrow. As Ann says, All’s grace, Kay

    1. Kay,
      Glad you found us again. Yes, I’ve read Ann’s book. I was curious about how eucharisteo was used in other New Testament verses, so I did a word study. Then, I decided to share it with you. Hope it’s encouraging.

  2. This year/month has flown by so fast. We have not done a lot on Thankfulness or Thanksgiving this month other than a few activities from FIAR and the book A Cranberry Thanksgiving.

  3. I teach them by example. We read a different children’s bible story every night as a bedtime story. This is when they are the most attentive.

  4. Every day we try to teach our children to be thankful for what we have been blessed with while emphasizing being thankful for the gift of salvation. It can be as simple as a prayer of thanks at mealtime or finding something to be thankful for in a sibling when we feel like fighting.

    1. Prayer is so important. I tried to model thankfulness in prayer by thanking God for many things before any of our requests.

  5. Although our daughter is only 14 months, we include her in our family Bible study and prayer time. We want to model a thanksgiving life to her, and later on help her understand why we do what we do.

    1. It’s never too early to start modeling a grateful attitude. Those young years are some of the best ones to start habits.

  6. I would love a copy of your Thanksgiving study. My homeschooled kids are now grown and I am in the unique position of parenting the parent. I am blessed to lead a small group of elderly ladies (including my 95 year old mom) in a weekly Bible study. It is not all that different that homeschooling my children.

    1. Trish,
      I’m so glad you are interested in our Thanksgiving study. All you have to do is enter your email above and it will be sent to you automatically. Let me know if you have any problems

    2. Trish,
      To make it easy on you, I asked my admin to sign you up for the Thanksgiving study. You should receive it within 24 hours. 🙂

  7. Hi! I would love a copy of this! I tried entering my email but it keeps coming up with an error msg. I even tried a different email address. Could you send it my way?

    1. Shanthi,
      I’m sorry you were unable to get the form to work. I have manually entered your information so you should have the Thanksgiving Bible Study in the next hour. Check your email. Thanks so much for your interest in our study.

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