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If you’ve been on my blog for some time, you know I loved using notebooking in my homeschool. I think it’s an awesome way to teach your kids, especially if you want them to think critically. Why notebooking?

Notebooking allows you & your kids to . . .

  1. Put an end to busywork, such as multiple choice evaluations
  2. Teach your child to “think” for themselves about a topic
  3. Show what your kids have learned in their own way
  4. Be creative in education
  5. Get out of your the boredom blues (especially at this time of year)
  6. Follow your kids interests
  7. Be flexible in learning
  8. Dig deeper when you want
  9. Not be tied down to a specific curricula
  10. Have joy & freedom in your homeschool

If you’re unsure about notebooking or if you’re looking for some fresh notebooking pages, I have some FREE notebooking pages.

Free Notebooking Pages Sampler

Free Tutorials & Notebooking Product Sampler & Tutorials
by clicking the link below

You’ll receive over 600 notebooking pages that you can use TODAY. Just choose a topic of interest and print out the notebooking pages. It’s really that simple.

Not only do I have the free notebooking pages above, we have a giveaway worth over $780 in homeschooling resources. You need to mark your calendar because you have ONLY 1 day to enter this giveaway.  Here’s the link to the giveaway:

It’s next Tuesday, April 26 (9am – 9pm CDT). You’ll have dozens of way to enter the giveaway.

What can you win?

10th Birthday Homeschool Giveaway

Approaches to Christian Homeschooling paperback will launch on Amazon - July 15, 2015 (watch for details)We’ll have 25 winners receive a LIFETIME membership to Notebooking Pages. And 1 lucky winner will receive the grand package (over $780) which includes my Approaches to Christian Homeschooling Package.

What are you waiting for? Put an end to the busywork, boredom & burnout in homeschooling.

When you sign up below, you’ll receive free tutorials and notebooking sampler. You’ll also get details of Debra’s story and help you get on this same path to freedom in just a few days!

How do you use notebooking in your homeschool? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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