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Today begins our 2nd week of SHIP Bible School (Shelter the Homeless International Project).  I decided to repeat the same three virtues this week as we covered last week. So, follow along and you’ll get a few more free Bible lessons for kids on diligence, contentment & patience.


Since we are starting with diligence, we began singing the Diligent Song from We Choose Virtues.

FREE Bible Lessons for Kids on being diligent from

I really like the songs that We Choose Virtues {WCV} provides for several reasons.

  • WCV songs repeat the catchphrase on the parenting cards.
  • Our kids were singing the songs to themselves during craft time – even the 5 year olds!
  • WCV songs are simple and repetitive. Kids sing the catchphrase over & over again.
  • WCV songs use well-known tunes, such as “If You’re Happy & You Know It”
  • WCV songs are easy to learn & remember

If you decide to use We Choose Virtues with your own family or in your homeschool, you can grab a digital copy of the songs for only $3.

I was quickly reminded how songs help kids memorize information. Next time I plan Bible School, I hope to have the verses in song.

Virtue Card & Object Lesson

Bible lessons for kids about being diligent from HowToHomeschoolMyChild.comAfter singing, we read the front of the Diligent Parenting card together, discussing what the catchphrase means.  If the kids can say the catchphrase tomorrow, they receive a sticker & piece of candy.

Then, I used an object lesson from For Instruction in Righteousness, which begins with reading Proverbs 26:14-15.

Daily Bible Verse-Doorpost, For Instruction in RighteousnessAs a door turns on its hinges,
So does a lazy man on his bed.
The lazy man buries his hand in the bowl;
He is too lazy to bring it back to his mouth.

We talked about a lazy person (sluggard) being the opposite of diligent.  I opened & closed the door to show them that a door does not get any work done. It simply opens & closes.  A lazy person is like a door on its hinges. He turns over in his bed, without getting anything done. He is NOT diligent.

In verse 15, I demonstrated with my hand how a lazy person leaves his hand in his bowl. He is so lazy, he doesn’t bring it back to his mouth so he can eat.

There are lots of verses about sluggards. Just look at Proverbs 26:13-16.  Read one verse every day and act out the object lesson with your own kids.

Bible Story

Dennise told the story of Joseph working diligently wherever he was.  He worked diligently in Potiphar’s house to where he managed Potiphar’s entire home.  Joseph worked diligently in jail, gaining more & more responsibility over the years.  Finally, Joseph worked diligently in Pharoah’s court to have enough grain during seven years of drought.

Memory VerseNext was memory verse time.

In the past, we’ve learned a new verse every day of our two week Bible school session. This year, I decided to review the same 3 verses this week as last week. My hope is the kids really learn the verses.

FREE Bible Lessons for Kids & memory verse games from

So, we reviewed last week’s verse about being diligent. After relating the Bible story of Joseph to the verse about diligence, we recited it together. Then, we played a game with the memory verse.  Each table was given phrases of the verse on cards in a stack, upside down.

Fun games to review memory verse & FREE Bible Lessons for Kids {memory verse games} from




Fun games to review memory verse & FREE Bible Lessons for Kids {memory verse games} from

We had a contest to see which table could put the phrases in order first.  The winners received trinket prizes.  We played this game twice and the kids loved competing against each other.

Bible Crafts for Kids

Cup Puppet - Bible crafts for kids & FREE Bible Lessons for Kids from

For our craft, the kids made Joseph puppets from cups. Since cutting takes so much time, we cut the pieces during our prep day, yesterday.  All the pieces for the puppet were in a snack size ziploc bag.  This makes it easy to hand out everything at one time.

Cup Puppet - Bible crafts for kids & FREE Bible Lessons for Kids from

Cup Puppet - Bible crafts for kids & FREE Bible Lessons for Kids from

To complete the craft, the kids colored the head, arms & legs. Next they strung the yarn (already tied to the craft stick)  through the cup top and tied it to the legs.  All other pieces were taped to the cup, including a copy of today’s verse.

Cup Puppet - Bible crafts for kids & FREE Bible Lessons for Kids from

The Bible crafts were found at Danielle’s Place.

Snack & Life Story

Finally, we enjoyed eating a Rice Krispy pyramid. The pyramid reminds us of Egypt, where Joseph diligently worked in whatever position God gave him.

rice krispy pyramid ~ FREE Bible Lessons for Kids from

As the kids ate their snack, Kelsey shared a story about working diligently when she was 8 years old.  She wanted to compete at the state swim meet and had to practice 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening.

FREE Bible Lessons for Kids about being diligent from

She had to be diligent to swim in that tournament.  It’s a good thing she was diligent because her time still stands as a state record.

In summary, here’s what we did for teaching patience:

  • We Choose Virtues Diligent Parenting Card (includes virtue, memory verse, catchphrases)
  • Story of Joseph working diligently at Potiphar’s home, in prison & for the Pharaoh
  • Craft – Cup Puppet of Joseph, with memory verse on cup
  • Snack – Rice Krispy Pyramid (from rice krispy treats)
  • Songs – Diligent song from We Choose Virtues to review yesterday’s virtue

Girls Teen Bible Study – After Bible School

We also work with the older teen girls in the orphanage & neighborhood. On Monday morning, a couple of the girls baked a strawberry cake.  Claudia loves “pastel fresa”, so we found a strawberry cake from scratch recipe.  When the cake was finished baking, we had Bible study with the teenage girls.

 most moist strawberry cake I've eaten - Strawberry Cake Recipe from Scratch from

Taylor shared how she struggled to be patient when her siblings annoyed her.  As she grew up, it was hard to be patient, waiting for God to lead her in His ways.

most moist strawberry cake I've eaten, icing running off the sides - Strawberry Cake Recipe from Scratch from

After we prayed, we enjoyed the most moist strawberry cake I’ve eaten. It was scrumptious. I’ll share the recipe in an upcoming post.

Watch my next blog post for more free Bible lessons for kids – on contentment.

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