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Football Unit Study

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When we were homeschooling, I was always looking for topics my kids enjoyed and then use them to teach subject areas. Everyone in our family loves sports, so I often used football, basketball or baseball as the topic for reading, writing or math.  That’s one reason I wrote my Super Bowl Football Unit Study.

Super Bowl Football Unit Study for homeschool & classrooms

With the NFL Championship Games tomorrow and the  Super Bowl in two weeks, why not surprise your kids with a fun football unit study?

You could choose one activity a day from now until Super Bowl.  Work on that activity right before or after lunch, then it won’t interfere with the rest of your day. Even if you’re not a football fan, let your kids enjoy homeschooling with football as the focus one hour a day.

Since you are one of my blog readers, my Super Bowl Football Unit Study (retail $15) is free for the next two week. Just enter your name and email below. Then, check your email.


Wondering what type of activities we have?

Here are two my kids enjoyed.

Football Unit Study in Geography

Find all the wild card teams and label them on a US map in the same color.
Find all the playoff teams and label them on the map in a different color.
Find Atlanta and label it as Super Bowl. Atlanta will host the Super Bowl this year.

US map printable is included in the football unit study.

You could change this by changing the color code. You might color code the cities by AFC & NFC.

Football Unit Study in Math

Graph each Super Bowl champion team and the number of times they have won the Super Bowl.

Graph the point spread for each Super Bowl (difference between points of winner and loser)

Super Bowl graphing paper included in the football unit study.

When you receive your Super Bowl Football Unit Study (retail $15), you’ll also an entire writing lesson, as well as activities in history, art, homemaking, reading book lists, science, business, language arts and more. You can get it free by entering your name and email before Super Bowl this year.

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  1. Kristen says:

    Finding things that relate to our kids interest is so important! My kids all love ice hockey so we have tons of books, games, etc that revolve around that sport.

  2. Suzanne Cobb says:

    my son will love this change to his norm…thanks!

  3. Melissa says:

    I would love to link to the unit studies!

    • Kerry Beck says:

      I’m sorry the sign up form was not showing up. I’ve manually sent you the unit study. I apologize for the tardiness in my reply.

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