Super Bowl Geography for Kids

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It’s Super Bowl time – so why not have fun in your homeschool with these Super Bowl Geography Activities you can use in your homeschool. Encourage your kids to love learning with these fun activities.

Try one or more of these Super Bowl Geography activities this week, integrating Super Bowl and football into your plans.

super bowl geography

A good outline map of the United States is included in our free Super Bowl Printables package.  Click here to get your printables.

Find all the wild card teams and label them on a US map in the same color.
Find all the playoff teams and label them on the map in a different color.
Find Indianapolis and label it as Super Bowl.

You can change this by changing the color code. You might color code the cities by AFC & NFC.

Find & label all the past Super Bowl Champions on a US map.
Include the city name and year they won.

Find all the NFL Teams and their home city.
Label each on a US map.
You may want to color code them by AFC & NFC.

This map shows NFL teams from 1960 & might inspire your kids as they make their own map of today’s teams.

super bowl geography

Find all the locations that hosted the Super Bowl in the past.
Label each location & the year they hosted the Super Bowl.

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