Feeling Overwhelmed as a Mom with Easter?

Want to know a secret? I have an organizational secret weapon in my family & homeschool to reduce feeling overwhelmed as a mom at holidays.

It’s called my vision or goal.

For example, when it comes to celebrating Easter, I stay focused on my goal of keeping Jesus the center. When I keep my eyes focused on the goal, it reduces my stress and helps me stay more consistent. And I can say “no” to all activities that don’t point to my goal.

Feeling overwhelmed as a mom at Easter or any holiday

How can you use a goal to reduce stress and stay consistent?

If you’re like me and see hundreds of Easter activities on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, you start feeling overwhelmed as a mom. You may want to do them all. You want your kids to have the best experiences like all those other families on social media.

Secret #2: Don’t compare your family to all those other families. They are sharing highlight reels, so just don’t compare. It will take your eyes off “your” goal.

From today until Easter, you have 12 days. Please don’t try to do an Easter activity every day. You’ll be disappointed and even more overwhelmed.

Depending on your kids ages, choose 2-3 Easter activities for your family & homeschool that point to “your family’s” goal. That’s it! Or, just do one activity very well. It’s not how many activities you do, but how the activity impacts your kids. How the activity reinforces the idea of keeping Jesus the center of Easter.

One suggestion might be this:

This week – Palm Sunday or Easter Activity

Donkey Paintings – Palm Sunday Craft

Easter Garden Idea #1

Easter Garden Idea #2

Read Easter book

Easter Bible Study as a Family

Next week – Cross or Resurrection Activity

Easter Garden Idea #1

Easter Garden Idea #2

Resurrection Eggs

Read Easter book

Easy Cross Graham Cracker Snack
(includes video ideas with snack towards bottom)

Easter Bible Study as a Family

Saturday night before Easter (a Beck family tradition)

Resurrection Rolls

I’ve linked activities we used to the schedule above. Click on any of them and then choose the best fit for your family. Get rid of feeling overwhelmed as a mom

Take a look!

P.S. If you still want step-by-step plan for younger kids, I recommend looking at Sense of the Resurrection. It’s all planned for you. No decisions to make!

Just print. Gather supplies. Discover Jesus in the Resurrection.

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