9 Favorite Devotions for Kids Resources

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What are our favorite devotions for kids resources? Some of these we used as a family.  Some our kids used on their own.

Hopefully, these will give you ideas from toddlers to teens!

Favorite devotions for Kids - Get 9 resources for Christian moms and dads

Obviously all family devotions are centered on God’s Word, the Bible.  When Steve read to our kids, the stories from the Old Testament were favorites – Genesis, Kings, Samuel, Esther, to name a few.

Depending on your kids’ ages, be sure to draw some sort of principle they can apply today!

Encourage your kids to read their Bible daily…on their own.  One of my kids read their Bible more than their schoolwork.

Training Hearts Teaching Minds

Teaching Hearts, Training Minds

Steve used this resource for several years to teach our kid a foundation for the Christian beliefs. EXCELLENT

Our 24 Family Ways Wholeheart Ministries Sally ClarksonOur Family 24 Ways

I used the first version of this resource (flip chart) when I led devotions after Steve left for work. Perfect for elementary kids.

bible-in-pictures-for-little-eyes Kenneth TaylorThe Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes

My parents read this to me when I was a child. We read it to our kids when they were young.  Short Bible stories with 2-3 questions.

Big-Thoughts-for-Little-People Kenneth TaylorBig Thoughts for Little People

A friend gave this to us and we all enjoyed it.  26 Character lessons from the Bible. Each lesson has questions.  Simple for preschoolers.

polished-cornerstones-doorposts Pam ForsterPolished Cornerstones, by Doorposts (Pam Forster)

I used this with our girls when they were 8-13 years old.  Each chapter is based on character of a Godly woman.  Includes hands-on activities, as well as Scripture reading.


Inductive Bible Studies for Kids

My kids worked through these on their own.  One summer the girls joined a Bible study to discuss one of these books.


Kingdom Parables

I have no idea where we got this book, but I’m so glad we did.  The kids liked it. Steve liked reading it to them.  And, we all learned more about Jesus’ parables. I’ve already ordered a copy of my grandkids.

Mom Bible StudyInductive Bible Studies

When the girls were teenagers, I hosted an inductive Bible study.  They were suppose to use their Bible to ask questions about a passage.  Then, answer their questions.  They could use a concordance, but I encouraged them not to use commentaries until they had come to their own conclusions.

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What is your favorite devotions for kids resource?

Or family devotions resource?

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