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Family Valentines Day Ideas

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With Valentine’s Day next week, let’s share some fun family Valentines Day ideas you can use in your own family.  Your kids will love all the fun ideas.

Fun Family Valentines Day Ideas - add a heart each day

To start, check out our video below with lots of Valentines Ideas for Kids and Families… Valentines Crafts and fun with your kids.

It’s not too late to start putting hearts on your children’s bedroom door.

Fun Family Valentines Day Ideas - add a heart each day

On February 1, my daughter started putting hearts on her girls’ doors. She told me she cut out and wrote all 14 hearts at one time. They’re done! All she needs to do is put a heart on the door before she goes to bed. When her daughter wakes up, she will see the new heart on her door.

True Love & Valentine’s Day

Last week, I was visiting with our teachers in El Salvador. They started having a word of the month. February’s word is friendship and they will celebrate Valentine’s Day as part of friendship.

I’d like to  take friendship a step further and talk about love. On our recent Mom’s Monday Lunch Bunch, I shared ways to use God’s love and I Corinthians 13:4-8 during February.

Sample of February 2019 verse card

Our Christian Parenting members receive the four memory verse printables in the video. In case you haven’t heard, each month our members receive verse card printables so their family could memorize a single passage, usually one verse for each week.

In February, we are memorizing I Corinthians 13:4-8, so it’s an easy one verse a week.  If you are not a member, but you’d like our monthly verse cards, you can grab them by clicking here.

If you homeschool, use the notebooking pages made especially for Valentine’s Day. Click the image below to get your pages. Lots for all ages.

What else could you do as a family to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I’ve compiled 83 Family Valentines Day Ideas (value $10) into a printable…just for you … and they’re free through February 17. You’ll receive:

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Question: What family Valentines Day ideas do you have to share? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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