Family Mission Trips (Spring Break Part 4)

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Work Day #4 (Our Last Work Day)

Sara reminded us during devo to finish strong this week.  It was our last day to get some jobs done.

In VBS we discussed Jesus feeding the 5000 and how He can use small things in our lives to bless others.

Family Mission Trips - Organizing Bodega to help moms make money from

In between VBS & girls Bible study, many team members helped sort the clothes in the bodega (basement) so Raquel can find what she needs quickly for those ladies selling clothes.  By the way, we now have  91 ladies selling clothes.

Paige told her story about her brother and related it directly to the teenaged girls in the neighborhood.  The neighbor teens are more open & willing to pray for each other.  Thank you God, for the growth that is occurring in these.

Family Mission Trips - Father & Son Work Team from
Filling the metal post with cement … 1/2 gallon at a time

Steve & Leon were trying to finish a roof over the kitchen area in our basement. When I looked down, it was only the two of them working. I asked Leon if he was thinking or meditating. He responded, “I’m just tired”.  I know this was a hard week of work for Steve, also.

Family Mission Trips - Celebrating Birthdays from

We celebrated Kevin’s birthday this evening.  I don’t know if he’s ever celebrated his birthday. He was all grins.  Kevin is one of our neighborhood kids.  He was kicked out of first grade, but wants to learn to read & write.  Sue works with him each week to learn to read & write. He’s also a hard worker while we are there.

We enjoyed some of Raquel’s enchiladas (really, they’re bean, egg & cheese tostadas). Then, I watched the guys play four-square.  Lots of laughs.

Family Mission Trips & Special Ladies from

Veronica returned with pupusas at 8pm, so we all ate again.

 Beach Day

After 4 days of hard work on family mission trips, we enjoyed a day at Atami Beach. It’s a great way to end the week, with some relaxation.  Sand, surf, hammocks & water slide! What more could you ask for.

The rest of the team stopped at El Mercado for souvenirs. Steve & I stayed at the beach for a little while longer before returning to Ciudad Delgado.

We had Pizza Hut pizza – a real treat! Then, we heard from the team what they liked & learned.

Our Last Day

As always, Saturdays are difficult because it’s “goodbye day”. But this time, it was especially difficult because I heard Juan Carlos share what was on his heart.

Family Mission Trips & Encouraging Young Leaders in San Salvador from

Carlos is now 20 years old and feels a responsibility to this community to lead them in the ways of the Lord.  He became a Christian last July and desires deeply to serve God. He sees our work in a different light. He really sees the impact that SHIP trips have on families in the community.

Family Mission Trips - Saying goodbye is always hard from

After breakfast, we took LOTS of photos with the orphanage kids and the neighborhood kids.

I’m so glad I already have a flight reservations for May & June. I can’t wait to return.  Those kids & their families are a part of me. May God work in their lives each & every day.

Does your family support kids in another country? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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