Family Mission Trips {Spring Break Part 2}

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Continuing my story about our family mission trips during spring break.

Work Day #2

It’s our first day of VBS – orphange kids in the morning & neighborhood kids after lunch.  We introduced the idea of serving God, even when we don’t think we have the tools to serve. All our teachers related to Moses & his un-surety about serving God.

Family Mission Trips & VBS from

After our morning VBS, about 5 of the orphanage teen girls stayed for Bible study. Miranda shared her story again. In the afternoon, Courtney shared some verses like Philippians 4:8. The girls offered several ideas of where we need to focus our minds: what is true, honest, amiable (look up the rest).

After Bible study, Robert sat with the girls and asked what they had been learning. They told him. Then he told them they didn’t need any boyfriends right now. We even teased about the security cameras … how he could see them, even when he’s back in the states.

What about those work crews?

Family Mission Trips - Learning how to make a cement volcano from

After VBS, the girls on our team joined the boys for LOTS of cement pouring. They learned to make a cement volcano.  You see, we don’t have a cement mixer; we do it all by hand (shovels and elbow grease).

In the afternoon, Melkin joined our team to clear leaves on our soccer field so we could have an outreach on Wednesday night.

Family Mission Trips - Tutoring kids in the neighborhood from

In the afternoon, a few of our girls helped the kids with their homework. In case you didn’t know, we send 23 kids to a private Christian school.  We have 3 tutors who come every afternoon to help them with their homework.  This week, Megan (& some of the other girls) helped with homework. Megan became the all-time poster maker.  The kid have lots of projects & presentations.  Megan helped them draw border, maps, & diagrams.

Family  Mission Trips - Sunset in El Salvador from

Right before dinner, we walked down the road & up a hill to see a gorgeous sunset over the volcano. It’s one of my favorite sites.

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