Family-Friendly Movie on Thurs, Oct 8th

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Next Tuesday, October 8, you have the opportunity to watch an outstanding documentary about the search for Noah’s ark.  My brother-in-law, Bruce Hall, is one of the explorers.

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet the director/producer, Brent Baum. Brent is a former VP of Dreamworks, as well as a believer.

This movie will show at 7pm next Thursday, across the country at 640 movie theaters. It’s a one-time showing, & you can buy your tickets here:

If you’re still not sure, read the newsletter below or watch the trailer here:
Or, read what others are saying about Finding Noah . . .
“One of the most compelling documentaries I’ve ever watched, mixing an historical fact and a modern day mystery together with real life. It just may be that FINDING NOAH will help you find your faith or rediscover the One True God.”
~ Dr. Dennis Rainey, President and CEO, FamilyLife 

“FINDING NOAH captivatingly displays the risk and reward of every great adventure. I am very happy to have contributed to this cinematic exploration of man’s will and  determination to discover.”
Gary Sinise, Finding Noah Narrator 

Finding Noah

Finding Noah Opens October 8!

Beyond myth, science, and faith lies something deeper. Join a brave team of archaeologists, explorers, and theologians as they summit one of the world’s most dangerous mountains in a quest to find answers to one of mankind’s greatest mysteries. On Thursday, October 8, in a special one-night cinema event, explore Mt. Ararat’s desolate summit with director Brent Baum and a crew of courageous men as they look for the final resting place of Noah’s Ark.

Narrated by Academy Award® nominee Gary Sinise and shot in never-before-filmed locations, featuring songs by for King & Country, this groundbreaking documentary is a thrilling expedition of faith.

Join the experts after the film in a panel discussion, moderated by Co-Host of Family Life Today, Bob Lepine, and featuring Family Life President and CEO Dennis Rainey, hear the first hand accounts of director and producer Brent Baum, mountaineer and expedition member Holt Condren and renowned biblical archeologist Dr. Randall Price as they re-live their experience on Mt. Ararat and look into what they found and experienced during their expedition to the summit. This is one adventure not to be missed!

Watch the Trailer
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Enjoy a family movie night on Thursday.



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