Fall Centerpieces With Candy Corn {30 Days of Thanksgiving Activities for Kids – Day 10}

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Looking for a way to use up your leftover candy corn? Why not try one of our DIY fall centerpieces? This is so easy and you’ll love having a colorful centerpiece for your tables.

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fall centerpieces - table decorations
fall centerpieces supplies
fall centerpieces - how to with candy corn

Here’s the trick.
Use a paper towel tube in the middle of your vase.

fall centerpieces with candy corn
fall centerpieces - day after

Do you have any ideas for fall centerpieces . . .

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  1. That made me smile… Love the ‘missing’ centerpiece. That would give Mom a ‘thanks’ for something easy, fun and, probably won’t have to clean it up because it will disappear!

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