Fall Books & Activities for Kids

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Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The weather gets cooler and it’s time to do so many fun fall activities with our kids. Add our love of books and you have the perfect homeschool lesson. Let’s use these 9 fall books along with fall activities for kids to get started.

9 fall books with fun fall activities for kids

9 Fun Fall Books & Activities

I had so much fun looking for fall books you can read with your kids. Some of these are ones we read together as a family when my kids were young. Others are ones I’m reading with my grandkids.

Earl the Squirrel
by Don Freeman

My kids loved the book, Corduroy, by the same author.  Earl learns through a series of events about work ethic. As you read, ask questions about work ethic and how your kids can be good workers at home. Character building is so important.

Science Activity:
Plant acorns after reading Earl the Squirrel , take the children on a nature walk and have them collect acorns. When you get back home, have them wrap the acorns in a damp paper towel and put it in your window seal. Re-dampen the towels as needed.

Watch them sprout. You might even let your children plant them outside! This is a neat science idea for the fall!

Language Arts Activity:
You may also rewrite this story in your own words, using Unit 3 Student Structure & Style.

by Gail Saunder-Smith

Besides being an early reader, this book has photos and text to describe changes in weather, people, plants & animals in autumn. Let your kids narrate about the changes. Ask questions if they are unsure about what changes happen.

Language Arts Activity:
Rewrite any page or section in your own words. Use Units 1-2 in Student Structure & Style

Art Activity:
Leaf Crayon Rubbings is a fun activity. Collect fresh fall leaves of various shapes & sizes. Place leaves on table with the vein side up.  Cover with thin paper.  Holding paper still, use flat side of crayon to lightly rub over the leaf — the shape “magically” appears!

fall activities for kids - leaf rubbings & 8 other fall books & activities | HowToHomeschoolMyChild.com
photo by Mary Beth

Use a different leaf or just change position of paper and crayon color for another image.  Overlap the leaf shapes if you like — it looks nice!  Once children get the hang of it they can all be successful.

Mr. Putter & Tabby Ring the Bell

By Cynthia Rylant & Arthur Howard

An early chapter book about fall & the start of school.  Kids should enjoy this funny book set in fall. If your children are able to read or learning to read, this can be a wonderful one for them to read to you.

Homemaking Activity:
Bake cupcakes or banana cake.

Lionel in the Fall
by Stephen Krensky

Cute story about school, fall & Halloween.

Art Activity:
Watercolor Leaves is a fun activity after reading Lionel in the Fall.  Make crayon rubbings as explained above.

Once your kids get the “look” they like, use paint watercolor over the crayon rubbings.

Four Friends in Autumn
by Tommie DePaola

At a dinner party, Miss Piggy eats all the food before she serves her guests. Oh no!

Team Work Activity:
Have a special dinner for your family. Let your kids choose the menu & cook the meal. If you’re unsure if your kids can cook, let them be your helper.

 Autumn Across America

By Seymour Simon

Simon’s photos are gorgeous! Whenever you see a book by Seymour Simon, grab it. It’s gorgeous to see and great Science to read.

Language Arts Activity (integrated with Science)
Read a page each day and enjoy the photo for that page.  Let your child narrate to you what they learned from that page. Ask them the most exciting or important thing and add it to that child’s “Exciting Autumn” list.

Write one paragraph about autumn, based on this list.  Use Unit 4 from Student Structure & Style

9 fall books with fun fall activities for kids

In November

by Cynthia Rylant

Fun story progressing through November.

Ask your children to tell you what happened in the order it happened in the story. Write down each event. Children can draw a picture for each event.

When Autumn Falls
by Kelli Nidey

Autumn characterized by falling leaves, falling players on the football field & falling temperatures. We love football at our house.

Art Activity:
Make a collage of an autumn scene.  Use the illustrations in this book as a guide for your collage.

Clifford’s First Autumn

By Norman Bridwell

Believe it or not, Clifford was a puppy, at one time. Discover how he enjoyed the fall season.

Language Arts Activity:
Write a story or paper about your pet using Unit 8 of Student Structure & Style.

fall unit study with fall books & activities

This is just the tip of the iceberg for you to integrate the fall season and fall books into your homeschool. I have help for you to reduce your stress of finding activities yourself. Grab our free Fall Activities for Kids.

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