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free Christmas class

On Thursdays, I am hosting a series of workshops on the approaches to Christian homeschooling.  So far, we’ve covered overall philosophy & goals of homeschooling, a classical approach & a Charlotte Mason homeschool.

classical & charlotte mason homeschool facebook chat from How to Homeschool My Child.com

Tomorrow night I am hosting a free facebook chat.

We’ll talk about classical & Charlotte Mason approaches to homeschooling, as we delve into the Trivium (grammar, logic & rhetoric stages) and the 4 R’s of Charlotte Mason homeschooling (respect, real life, read, relax).  Of course, our discussion will be from a Christian homeschooling perspective.

Facebook Chat – Classical & Charlotte Mason Homeschool
Thursday, May 28
10pm EDT / 9pm CDT / 8pm MDT / 7pm PDT
NOTE: This is an hour later than our other events.

Reserve your seat here:
Facebook Chat – Classical & Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Please share this chat (http://ow.ly/lqpxj) with your homeschooling friends, co-ops, support groups, facebook/twitter or pin one of the images.

Can't make it to the chat?

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Hope to see you tomorrow night,

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free Christmas class
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