But I Can’t Afford Young Living!

We’ve gotten many comments about 2 topics regarding Young Living Essential Oils, so I’m going to address them for you:
  • Young Living Essential Oils sound great, but they are too expensive.
  • Do I have to sell Young Living products to get wholesale prices?

Let’s start with how expensive Young Living is. 

You’re right…YL essential oils are more expensive than oil you’ll find at the health food store. But let’s think about this for a minute. 

You get what you pay for… 

If you use olive oil for health benefits, do you buy the cheaper olive oil? Or, do you pay a little more for extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)? Most of us would say we use EVOO. It’s well worth the expense because the regular olive oil doesn’t have health benefits. 

It’s the same with essential oils. Dr. Minke shared on Tuesday that he participated on an expert panel about essential oils. When asked if you could ever find good essential oils at the health food store, the other expert immediately said, “no”. You just won’t find the quality of organic & reliable essential oils. 

From my own experience.

I was trying to treat Hunter’s wart with Tea Tree Oil. I bought my oil at the local health food store and it GREW. Yep, it got bigger. A decade later, I realize it was because the oil was inferior. 

I also know of a young woman whose skin burned after using an essential oil from the health food store. Ouch! 

You can try less expensive oils, but they may not have the same effect. From Dr. Minke’s 15 years of experience using Young Living products (after cancer), he has not had side effects. 

Let’s talk about medical bills… 

When I go to the doctor, I pay $150-$250 for an office visit. If I can avoid one office visit by using Start Living with Everyday Oils Kit, I will save money in the long run.  The Everyday Kit is $150. After one treatment from my kit, I start saving money on doctor bills. 

You may not pay that much money for an office visit. Let’s say you paid a $30 co-pay. You have 4 children and go to the office once a month with each child. That means you’re spending $120 each month on doctor’s visits. That doesn’t include medicines. 

When you invest in Everyday Essential Oils ($150), begin using them & avoid more doctor visits, you immediately begin to recoup your investment. You can show your husband how you’re “saving” money on your medical budget. 

If it is still too expensive, let me share an alternative to Start Living with Everyday Oils Kit. 

You can get started with Start Living (Enrollment) Kit for $40. This includes 2 essential oils – Peppermint & Lavender Oils (5ml each) 

You’ll also get the following in your Start Living Kit

  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $40 off diffuser coupon
  • 2 NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. Oz, ea.)
  • Start Living DVD
  • Seed to Seal DVD
  • and much more

Click here to get started with wholesale pricing: (choose the Start Living Enrollment Kit at the bottom)


Do I Have to Sell Young Living Products to Get Wholesale Prices?

In short, no. Click here to read more on this topic. 

Here’s the link to get started with your Everyday Oils Kit http://howtohomeschoolmychild.com/getstarted