3 Tips to Encourage Kids in the Bible This Year

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Do you struggle to find a balance with homeschooling, spiritual life, family life, husband, baby, personal time, extra curricular activities, and the keeping up with the home?

Do you need help being consistent, intentional and motivated to share the Bible with your kids daily?

Are you unsure how to get started teaching the Bible to your kids?

Do your kids give you “attitude” when you want to read the Bible with them? They are picking up their peers’ “attitude”.

Are your kids BORED with the Bible?

3 tips to encourage kids in the Bible - Free Class

I understand. There were times we were not consistent in sharing the Bible and God with our kids. Life took over.

That’s why I can’t wait to share what I learned over the years, as we raised our kids to grow in God, by reading the Bible and praying. Not only am I going to share what worked, I’m going to share what I wished we had done.

I want you to avoid my mistakes and learn from our story … so you raise your kids in Godliness, deeply desiring Jesus and all He has for you and me. That’s why I’m teaching my Masterclass: 3 Tips to Encourage Kids in the Bible This Summer.

3 tips to encourage kids in the Bible - Free Class

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. All three of our kids are adults, walking with God. We had ups and downs, but God is faithful. Please, come join me on August 30 or 31. You’ll discover 

  • How to build a Bible reading habit that you make a priority everyday
  • How to go beyond a story to your kids applying the Bible
  • 3 Ways to memorize Bible verses as a family
  • How to help your kids not be bored & stay interested with the Bible
  • 4 tips to add Fun to learning the Bible
  • What moms can do to inspire their children to fall in love with God’s Word
  • How to go against the world’s pull of video games and movies

Grab your seat right here. It’s free because I want you to have this information. It is vital for your child’s growth in God.

3 Tips to Encourage Kids in the Bible This Year

Leave your name & email below to sign up for this exclusive masterclass. It can jump-start your year as you dive into the Bible with your kiddos.

P.S. What’s your biggest challenge to consistently encourage your kids in the Bible? Leave a comment below.

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