Easy Bible Journaling Ideas for Mommy and Me Journaling

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Are you looking for a way to spend time with your daughter? How about some easy Bible journaling ideas?

easy bible journaling ideas

Bible journaling is a fun and creative way to spend some one-on-one time with just you and her, creating the perfect Mommy and Me activity. And the great thing is, this Bible journaling activity can be done at any age or skill level!

To get you started, I gathered a few easy Bible journaling ideas together for you and your daughter to enjoy some quality time while creating something beautiful.

Bible Journaling is a great way to bring your daughter closer to God and to thank Him for all He’s done

The act of simply thanking God for everything He’s done in your life is a powerful way to show your daughter a prayerful life. Having your daughter witness you praying and reading the Bible will set a beautiful example to her that she will remember and follow throughout her own life.

One way to help bring your daughter closer to God is by using a topical method of Bible journaling, where you choose an idea or topic and base your entire journaling Bible study around it.

You’ll address the key things and major points of what you’ll be studying for a deeper understanding of the Word. This option will work well for young children who still need that foundation introduction about God and who He is.

Another way is simply by cuddling up with her and reading the Bible together or even a devotional book just for moms and daughters. One of my favorites is called Mommy and Me: 100 Devotions to Share. This book includes short devotions on God’s love, forgiveness, faith, patience, praise, emotions, and more, and also has an entry spot just for mom. Check it out below – it’s awesome!

Mommy and Me: 100 Devotions to Share
By B&H Kids Editorial Staff

* A fun and practical means of building lasting faith with your 2- to 6-year-olds! Snuggle up and read these short devotions on God’s love, forgiveness, faith, patience, praise, emotions, and more—a wonderful way to introduce preschoolers to prayer. Each of the 100 selections is followed by another entry just for Mom. 240 pages, hardcover from B&H Kids.

Think about the areas your child may need to focus on, such as characteristics like forgiveness, gratitude, and helping her siblings out with a giving heart. Once you decide on a topic or theme, you can search for Bible verses and a passage of scripture that relates to this topic to study together and use these easy Bible journaling ideas.

Different techniques and ways for Mommy and Me:
Journaling Ideas about Thankfulness

One way for Mommy and Me journaling is through guided journaling, which allows you to bring your daughter closer to God by guiding her through the Bible. You both will Bible journal your way through the Bible step-by-step with simple questions or prompts that help lead her thoughts into what she wants to say about the topic. This method works well for children who may need the guidance and prompts to help them express their ideas.

Another way for Mommy and Me journaling is through inspired art and creative Bible Journaling, which allows you and your child to create something beautiful together that she will be proud of, all while learning God’s word. This option is perfect for older children who are able to read and understand the stories of the Bible on their own, allowing them to expand upon their knowledge with guided journaling questions at times too.

Furthermore, you can combine your daughter’s love for drawing with her excitement about the Bible and watch as she creates something beautiful to hang on the fridge. And who knows, maybe this will become a lifelong hobby of hers!

Another Bible study method with your daughter is by using an inductive method, which helps you and her connect the Bible passage together in order to understand them better.

The goal of this type of Bible journaling for Mommy and Me time is to dig deeper into what God’s Word says about each topic or story through reading the Word of God, interpreting what it means and writing about it, and then applying it to daily life.

easy bible journaling ideas

Biblical Women were
Powerful Examples of Faith in the Bible

You can use this option to introduce your daughter to the stories of Biblical women and their roles in God’s kingdom, such as Eve, Sarah, Mary Magdalene, and many more!

Each woman in the Bible has a beautiful story behind them and a profound message. You can read their stories and then journal about how they relate to your lives today. There are so many books to complement the women in the Bible that are dedicated just to further reading and learning about them.

You can create a schedule and a daily Bible reading plan to study each woman and dig deeper to the obstacles in each woman’s life and how she overcame them while following God’s design for them.

You can also try studying the women in both your lives and seeing how their lives can inspire you and her to be a woman of God today.

If you’re not sure where to start with Biblical woman figures in Scripture try starting with Rachel, Ruth, Hannah or Mary Magdalene who all had interesting stories that showed how strong their faith was!

What you can do with your daughter when doing Mommy and Me Bible Journaling

You both can have a lot of fun with Bible journaling together, but it doesn’t have to stop at writing and journal. Just like you would homeschool in unit studies, you can also extend the journaling process to further explore favorite verses in a meaningful way with each topic that you’re studying.

Some of my favorite ways to consider are:

  • Include coloring pages from the stories in the Bible
  • Bible art journaling by drawing her own illustration based on a verse you both are studying
  • Make paper dolls out of old clothing to represent different people of the Bible
  • Cut shapes out of construction paper and from magazines to make beautiful art collage representing what you’re studying
  • Paint a picture with acrylic paint, watercolor paint, watercolor pencils, or watercolor crayons that represents the topic at hand in a beautiful way
  • Construct a story timeline of people, events, and God’s messages that you add to as you go through each study
  • Create hand lettering to decorate notebook covers and each blank page when beginning a new topic
  • Extend your Bible study time into a prayer journal

You can encourage her to decorate her room with her newly created beautiful pieces or frame the art and give them as gifts to family members who love the Lord too.

Easy Bible Journaling Ideas
for Mommy and Me Journaling

One of the best ways to bring your daughter closer to God is through Bible Journaling, plus it’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together one-on-one. This Bible Journaling experience serves as a great way to show your daughter that faith in God can be fun! The important thing to remember is to pray about your time together and ask God what He wants you both to study.

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