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Easter Story for Kids

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Easter Story for Kids - BEST Books recommended by

The best Easter story for kids is from the Bible.  That’s why I use our Passion Week Bible Reading with our family (see bottom of this post).  However, I’d like to recommend a book to read aloud as a family. I am re-reading it this week and remember how vivid a story it tells.

My Personal Favorite Easter Book

Easter Story for Kids - Vinegar Boy

Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse

Vinegar Boy is an excellent historical fiction account of Easter story.  Vinegar Boy is a young boy who takes vinegar to the crucifixions.  He plans to seek out Jesus when he awakes on Good Friday.  Vinegar Boy has a birthmark on his face and he wants to ask Jesus to heal him.

Unfortunately, there is an unexpected crucifixion and he must take vinegar to the hill. From here, you become a part of what happened.  You’ll feel like you are on the hill with Mary.

As you read the story, you will see how Christ moves in a young boy who personally encounters Him.

I agree with the back cover . . . this is definitely “a classic work of fiction that has inspired thousands of Christians for decades.”

WARNING:  There are some graphic parts of the story (nailing to the cross, etc) and not intended for young children.  The independent reading level is 9-10 years old, but I would not let a 9 year old read this by himself.  I would read it aloud so you can decide what is appropriate for your children to hear.

Another of my favorites is The Glorious Impossible by Madeleine L’Engle.

The Glorious Impossible w/ Giotto by Madeleine L'Engle

The Glorious Impossible w/ Giotto by Madeleine L’Engle

The Glorious Impossible tells the story of Jesus Christ, using Giotto’s paintings.  You could use our Passion Week Scripture reading schedule below and read the sections in this book. After reading a story, enjoy the paintings.  Talk about what your kids like or find in the painting.

Tell the Easter Story with Books

Other books that tell the Easter story, especially for young kids. Click on any book image to read more about it.

The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith

The Easter Story by Brian Wildsmith

I like all of Brian Wildsmith books…with his unique art. The Easter Story tells the story from Palm Sunday to Jesus’ death, resurrection & ascension.

Easter by Gail Gibbons

Easter by Gail Gibbons

Gail Gibbons provides a great story that includes the Easter story with modern traditions. It also provides a list of Easter Holy Days in back.

God Gave Us Easter Lisa Tawn Bergren

God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren

God Gave Us Easter is a unique approach to telling the story of Christ.  A papa panda bear talks to his daughter as they walk through the forest.  Kids who like animals will like this story.

Easter Story for Kids - Benjamin's Box

Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs

Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs, by Melody Carlson – I have not read this book, but have heard it is an excellent companion to our Resurrection Eggs activity.  You can read about that activity here.

Easter Story for Kids - Tale of Three Trees

The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Hunt

Tale of Three Trees, by Angela Hunt – It’s been awhile since I read this book, but it has a wonderful story.  It allows your children to ask questions about Christ and God’s love for us.  Perfect for Christmas & Easter.  Get your free lesson plan here – includes yummy object lesson with chocolate cake.

Skies of the Cross-Easter Family Bible Study

Skies of the Cross: Easter Bible Study, by Kerry Beck – After the success of Star of Bethlehem Family Bible Study Guide, I have taken a look at the skies during the crucifixion.  A fascinating look at the solar eclipse & blood moon while Christ was dying on the cross.  You can print out as many copies of this book for each person in your own family. (1/2 price through Easter Sunday by clicking here)

Easter Books for Homeschooling

Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco

Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco

If you’d like to learn more about Ukranian eggs, this is the book for you.  Polacco does an excellent job of weaving a wonderful story as she explains how to make & paint Ukranian eggs.  Even if you don’t make your own, Ukranian eggs, Rechenka’s Eggs is worth reading as you study Easter around the world.

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

I love Jan Brett books. They are gorgeous and this one is no exception. Although it does not tell the story of Jesus, it is a sweet story with beautiful artwork.  You & your kids could play a search game with The Easter Egg.  Let each person choose something in the artwork and the others have to “search” for it, sort of like Where’s Waldo?

What are your favorite Easter books?  Please post a comment so we can have a great list of books together.

Free Easter & Passion Week Bible Reading Plan

While my kids were growing up, we read specific Scripture during Passion Week. If you’d like our list of Easter Bible verses to read each day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, just enter your email below. We’ll send it automatically to you.


Question: What are your favorite Easter books?  You can leave a comment by clicking here so we have a great list of books.

If you want pre-made Resurrections eggs for Easter, click here.


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