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Easter Snacks & Lessons for Kids

On our last day of Bible School in El Salvador, we are telling the story of Easter, by using colors. I found this from a variety of Easter lessons for kids on Danielle’s Place of Crafts. The kids are coloring a stained glass sheet, one color at a time. Robyn used each color to tell the story of Easter.  You can get the color symbols & stained glass  pattern here.

Colors of Easter - Easter Lessons for Kids includes Bible, memory, snacks from

After the Bible story, we reviewed both verses, using repetition and games.  When the kids said each verse, they received a piece of candy.

We concluded the Bible story with Andrew’s testimony about being adopted. He related his adoption with being adopted into God’s family.

Easter snacks - along with Easter lesssons for kids from

Then, we enjoyed one of the special Easter snacks I found online.  It’s a donut tomb with the cookie rock rolled to the side. It’s a wonder we were able to serve these because the chocolate donuts got a bit smashed on the plane.

Easter snacks - along with Easter lesssons for kids from

All you need to do is spread frosting on the graham cracker & sprinkle green coconut on top. We simply dyed the coconut with green food coloring. Then use frosting to place a half chocolate donut and small round cookie in place.

I’ll be saving this fun (& educational) snack for my grandkids.

Painting orphanage on family misison tripPainting orphanage on family misison trip - real team work between Americans & El Salvadorans

After Bible school, we headed to the orphanage to paint the walls a bright yellow. It looks fantastic with a fresh coat of paint.  I loved this because our SHIP trippers worked alongside the kids in the orphanage & the neighborhood – real team work!

The funniest part of painting is some of the kids used their hands for a paint bucket. They didn’t want to walk back to the bucket to get more paint,so they put paint in their hands & dipped their brushes for more.  Too funny!

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While my kids were growing up, we read specific Scripture during Passion Week. If you’d like our list of Easter Bible verses to read each day from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, just enter your email below. We’ll send it automatically to you.


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