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Easter Bible Bundle – 3-Day Flash Sale

I got to thinking yesterday about keeping Jesus the center of Easter and making Easter as big a celebration as Christmas, and I asked myself…

“What’s the ONE thing I could do to help simplify Easter and still be consistent and intentional with Christ the center of Easter?”

As I said in my email to you yesterday, Easter is the most important holiday of the year and I just felt like there was a little somethin’ I could do to help you, somethin’ that was a total no-brainer, ya know?

Then it hit me!

What if I bundled all of my favorite Easter Bible resources and handed them off to you, at a huge discount?

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

You know I love running everything we do as a family through the lens of Scripture, whether it’s homeschooling, parenting or holidays. But when you’re in the midst of laundry, 3 meals a day, diapers, or resolving sibling issues, it can be a bit overwhelming (and expensive).

Easter Bible Study for junior & senior high & entire family from

So, I’m handing over all of my favorite tools — at half-price for 3 days! Half-price from my already discounted Easter Bible Bundle Price.

If you invest in my Easter Bible Bundle today, you’ll get:

The Bundle Price ($27) is cheaper than the cost of the Easter & Christmas ebooks combined. ($34.94). But you can save even more and get all of these amazing resources to keep Christ the center of Easter for only $13.50 by clicking here.

This Easter Bible Bundle is valued at $40.79 and it has everything you need to study the Easter skies and Easter story with your family. Add “awe” to your amazing Easter celebration this year. From Bible readings to studying the Easter skies or Christmas star to discovering the feasts at Easter — it’s all covered by these resources.

Sound good? Snag this Easter Bible Bundle Bonus right here before it disappears in 3 days!

And if that wasn’t sweet enough, when you snag your bundle, you’re getting all of this extra bonus goodness for under $15. On top of the Bible resources, you’ll also receive:

  • Family Fun: Easter Activity Collection ($14.95) -209 Easter Recipes, Crafts, Games
  • Easter Traditions ($6.95) – Directions to several Biblical activities we use as object lessons with our kids at Easter time.
  • Christian Parenting Club ($9.97) ** details here

And… I’ve got ONE more bonuses if you grab your Bundle by Wednesday night (4/10) at midnight. After that, it’s gone!

Christmas Around the World Unit Study

Christmas Around the World Unit Study ($14.95) is yours for free the next 3 days.

I know it’s not Christmas-time, but you can download it and save it for next Christmas.You’ll receive all you need to study Christmas in five different countries, as well as our lesson planner at a glance.

I know it’s not Christmas-time, but you can download it and save it for next Christmas. This unit study alone sells for $14.97, so you’ll receive more value than you pay for the entire Easter Bundle Sale Price of $13.50.

This study alone sells for $14.97, more than you pay for the entire Easter Bundle Sale Price of $13.50.

What does this mean for YOU?

All of these Easter Bible Bundle, along with all of the bonus resources retails for $87.63. You’ll save 85% when you grab our Flash Sale Price of only $13.50 by clicking here.

But hurry! The bonuses are disappearing soon!

I can’t wait to see how your family celebrates Easter this year!


p.s. What do you say? Are you ready to be intentional and consistent with tools that keep Christ the center of Easter?

Click here to simply your Easter celebration and focus on Jesus.

Free Easter Activity Guide

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