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Easter Activities for Junior High, Senior High & Families

esterday I shared Easter activities for kids, specifically preschoolers & elementary kids. Today I want to share some resource to keep Christ the focus of your Easter celebration. These are terrific for your entire family, especially upper elementary, junior high & senior high kids.

Today I want to introduce you to Skies of the Cross {Easter Family Bible Study}

What Happened At The Cross?
Why Should It Matter to YOU?

Many wonders occurred the day Jesus died. Spend time as a family discovering when, what & how all the wonders.

Several years ago I published our first family Bible study…about the Star of Bethlehem. In that guide, we look at a few Easter Bible verses. However, I wanted to spend more time on the skies at the time of the cross.

That’s why I created the Skies of the Cross Family Study Guide
Skies of the Cross-Easter Family Bible Study…as an addition to my Star of Bethlehem guide.

Besides Easter Bible verses, what will you discover in our guide?

  • Clues about Christ’s Crucifixion
  • Prophecies Fulfilled at the Cross
  • Timing of the Day of the Cross
  • Blood Moons Today
  • Solar & Lunar Eclipses
  • How God Uses the Skies as a Sign

The skies at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion are awesome…they brought AWE to those in the area. Just like we should be in awe of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.

Discover more about blood moons, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses and the signs God uses with His people. Besides learning about the skies at the time of Jesus’ death, you will also discover when God has used a blood moon throughout history.

This Year's Easter Package Includes:

  1. Skies of the Cross Family Study Guide & Answer Key ($14.92)
  2. Star of Bethlehem Family Study Guide ($19.97)
  3. Bible Readings for Passion Week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday) ($2.95)
  4. Easter Feasts Chart  ($2.95)

Bonus Items:

  • Family Fun: Easter Activity Collection ($14.95)
    -209 Easter Recipes, Crafts, Games
  • Easter Traditions ($6.95)
    Directions to several Biblical activities we use as object lessons with our kids at Easter time.
  • Christian Parenting Club & Family Insiders Course ($9.97)

Christian Parenting AssociationDiscover some of the best strategies and tips to use with your family while your children are still at home. Experts in taking care of Mom, time management, creative activities with your children, holiday celebrations, family health and much more will encourage you each month.

When you respond and place your order today with your credit card, you automatically receive one month of my elite Christian Parenting & Family Insiders Club.

Each month, you receive seasonally-relevant tips & tricks to help you raise your children. What does this include?

  • Christian Parenting & Family Insiders Audio – where I reveal the latest and greatest parenting & family-raising breakthroughs.
  • Christian Parenting & Family Hot Sheets – techniques related to your monthly audio
  • FREE Monthly Ebook or Newsletter
  • Seasonal Projects & ideas for that month (August is Back to School, November is Thanksgiving, March is Spring…and so on)
  • Quick & Easy Recipes
  • Articles to Encourage Moms & Dads
  • Homeschooling Strategies
  • Monthly Calendar for Fun in your homeschool

After your free month, the course is only $9.97 monthly charged automatically to your credit card.

You may cancel any time with no obligation whatsoever and still keep all the past months’ “Christian Parenting & Family Insiders” downloads you’ve received! To cancel your subscription at any time, please email us at

I interview leading authors and researchers in the parenting & health field and get down to the nitty-gritty of what you can do to raise your children to follow Christ and to think Biblically for themselves after they leave your home. Topics we cover are:

“Taking Care of Mom…So She Can Take Care of Your Family”
“Organizing Your Home To Spend More Time With Your Family”
“Approaches to Homeschooling”


All of the resources, including your bonus items are valued at $72.66, but you invest only $27 for the entire package.

After you make your payment, our shopping cart will direct you to the PDF files and you can print all the copies you need for your own family.

I hope this will be an inspiring addition to your Easter celebration this year.

My Guarantee to You:

100% money back guarantee. You may request a refund of the purchase price within thirty days of the invoice date. This is an E-book so when you buy this product, you will reading in minutes!!!

“Skies of the Cross Guide”

YES! I want to have discover more about wonders of the sky, using Skies of the Cross Family Bible Study Guide for (total value $72.66) Easter package price $27
Please process my order immediately!I UNDERSTANDI will receive :

  • Skies of the Cross – Easter Family Guide
  • Answer Key
  • Star of Bethlehem Family Guide
  • Easter Passion Chart
  • Passion Week Bible Readings
  • Family Fun: Easter Activity Guide
  • Easter Bible Traditions Guide
  • Christian Parenting Club – 1 month trial

I UNDERSTAND… that Skies of the Cross Study Guide comes with a 100% money back guarantee. I may request a refund of the purchase price within thirty days of the invoice date.


.Question: How will you keep Christ the center of your Easter celebration? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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