Do You Use Pinterest?

Normally, I share links to helpful websites on Saturday…Our weekend links.  Today, I’m taking a break to support a faith-based cause to help women around th world.

Here’s an easy way to use Pinterest to support women in under-developed countries.

Five Talents will donate $5 for every pin with #talentedmoms on it. I’m off to pin my mom right now.

tribute to my mom - mothers day - #talentedmoms of Five Talents

My mom taught me so many things…to cook, to sew, to garden, to keep a home, to be gracious, to be a good mom, to love others, to serve others.  But, most of all my mom taught me to love God with all my heart.  Thanks, Mom!

What Can You Do?five talents #talentedmoms

Just pin a picture of your mom and include #talentedmoms in the description.

Five Talents is a faith-based organization that is helping women become literate & run their own business.

If you don’t have a picture of your mom to pin, please pin the image to the right. Please spread the word….

Thanks for any support you can give.






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