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  • Are you looking for the best way to give your kids a Christian education?
  • Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing curriculum?
  • Do you buy the same “stuff” each year just because you used it last year?
  • Not sure what is best for your kids?
  • Not sure what is best for you to teach?

I had so many questions during my first years of homeschooling, especially as I searched for the best way to educate my kids. To find what was best for each individual child and our family’s values. That’s one reason I’m hosting a free workshop to share what I discovered about each of the approaches to homeschooling.

I’ll be using Christian principles to help you select the right approach for your child. You’ll learn how Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unit Studies, Principle, Unschooling and Leadership Approaches have advantages in different subjects at different stages of your child’s development. Discover what is best for your Christian homeschooling.

And best of all, we’ll share how you can give your kids Christian & character education with each approach.

Realize that no single approach to home schooling works for all ages and all subjects.

The workshop is free to you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Choose your time:
3:00pm EDT / 2:00pm CDT / 1:00pm MDT / 12noon PDT
9:00pm EDT / 8:00pm CDT / 7:00pm MDT / 6:00pm PDT

How Can This Workshop Help You?

I’ll help you identify your OWN goals for your homeschool, based on your definition of what education. You’ll also be challenged to make individual goals for each of your children! I recognize that each family situation is different and has unique strengths, weaknesses and abilities and guides us into recognizing what is best for our family!

Utilizing my experience as a homeschool mom, and having a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, I’ll share a unique perspective to evaluating the overwhelming choices available to homeschoolers.

On this workshop, I will share my findings & review all 7 approaches to Christian homeschooling.
  • Classical
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Unit Studies
  • Biblical Principles
  • Traditional-Textbook
  • Unschooling-Resource Rich
  • Christian Leadership

Here are just a few secrets I’ll be revealing…

  • Simple techniques to match your approach with your family’s values & goals
  • One method to develop a LOVE OF LEARNING
  • 4 R’s of Notebooking with the Principle Approach
  • How to Use your Homeschool to Raise Christian Leaders
  • 3 Stages of the Classical Approach that Match Your Child’s Development
  • How to be on the same page as your spouse
  • 4 R’s of a Successful Charlotte Mason Homeschool
  • How to watch the 7 workshops from earlier this year
  • How to Make your Homeschool relate to Real Life

Not only will you be able to hear me talking about how to have a Christian homeschool, but you’ll also get to SEE and WATCH it happening in real time on your computer screen, complete with real examples!

Don’t miss out!

Register Here:

What Others Say About Past Presentations Kerry provides information RICH in resources. She leads you through the myriad of home-schooling approaches and helps YOU to set goals and determine the approach that will work best in your unique family situation! ~~Deanne Crawford, TEACH Magazine~~

I hope you can join us!

Question: What questions do you have as you decide which approach is best for your homeschool? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  1. I don’t really have any questions at the moment. I am looking forward to just gaining wisdom from the workshop. I have been homeschooling for 45 years if you count Pre-K, and longer counting the years before. However, there’s always room for improvement and growth. I love to glean perspectives and wisdom from other homeschool mommas.

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