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Happy Mother’s Day

I just returned from El Salvador where they celebrate “Feliz Dia de la Madre” on May 10th. Across the world, we are all thankful for our moms. No matter where you live, it’s time to celebrate moms.

In El Salvador, we bought roses for each of our scholarship moms. At the end of our parent meeting, we had the oldest student get a rose and take it to their mom. It was a terrific surprise. They had no idea we would honor mamas.

There were smiles on the mamas because they were being thanked for their huge sacrifice. There were smiles on the kids to give their mom a rose, to say … that’s my mama. She’s wonderful. Both young and old students were proud of their mamas.

I got goosebumps as I took pictures of moms and kids.

In honor of moms today, I have a Mother’s Day Freebie for you. You’re gonna love it! A picture says a thousand words, so take a look:

Exclusive Gift for Mother's Day!

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How will you celebrate Mother’s Day? Leave a comment to let me know.

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how to simplify your homeschool
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