Cool Fun Math Games

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Math might be your kids least favorite subject, but there is hope. The good news is you can make learning and practicing math more fun. One of the best ways to do this is to use our cool fun math games. Fun math games make a great addition to your homeschool day and can help encourage reluctant learners to enjoy math more.

cool fun math games

Memory match

If you need one of oua cool fun math gamea that can be made by hand you will love this idea for a simple memory match game. Grab some index cards and make two piles. One with math problems and one pile with the answers to those math problems. Then play a game of memory match where you have to match the problem with the answer. This is much more fun than repetitive worksheets.

Mathemagical World

This board game is a great option for helping your child practice basic addition and subtraction problems. Mathemagical World is a simple board game fit for kindergarten and first grade. This board game will take your child on a magical adventure sure to thrill. To make this work better for older kids try adding in larger-sided dice.

cool fun math games


Fractions can be one of the most intimidating parts of math for kids. The good news is that real life fractions such as cooking and baking and fun games like Fracto, you can help make fractions less intimidating. By making learning fractions fun you are 2elping make it easier for your child to learn.

Multiplication Pop it

While this is not a game there are a lot of games that you can create so many of your own games for your child using one of the multiplication Pop-its. These take the classic multiplication grid and make it into a tactile sensory toy that is great for capturing your child’s attention and helping them memorize multiplication facts.

Monkey Balance

The Monkey Balance game is a great fun activity for helping your child learn about weight and balance. This game is designed to help make numbers less abstract and more understandable for young kids. You can adjust this game to help work with addition and contraction as well as teach your child concepts like greater than and less than.


If you are looking for a big money game to teach your children about larger money transactions, and even a bit about real estate strategy you will want a game of Monopoly in the house. The key for this one is to set a timer so your family doesn’t spend all day playing a game because of how long this game tends to run.


Another classic game that is great for teaching math is Yahtzee. This game is great for teaching addition and even multiplication in a fun interactive way. Yahtzee is a good fit for helping your child work on critical thinking skills while working on basic math. Yahtzee is one of our cool fun math games that makes a great introduction to larger numbers and a wonderful way to practice math with the whole family.

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