Classic Christmas Movies

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Classic Christmas Movies - Holiday Inn

Last week Steve & I watched my favorite Christmas movie, Holiday Inn. When my kids (who live on their own here in town) found out, they couldn’t believe we had watched Holiday Inn without them. I was told. “we always watch that movie together”. Even my 18yo son felt this way.

So, tonight they are all coming over to bake & decorate Christmas cookies and watch Holiday Inn, one of the family’s favorite classic Christmas movies. We’ll have 2 traditions in one night…and all of them can join us.

Some of my other favorite holiday movies are:

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Classic Christmas Movies - White Christmas

Classic Christmas Movies - christmas-carol

Classic Christmas Movies - You Got Mail

Haven’t seen Miracle on 34th Street in years. Maybe we’ll watch it tomorrow.

Classic Christmas Movies - Miracle 34th st

My son’s favorite Christmas movie. Hopefully he’s already watched it because his sisters aren’t so fond of it.

Classic Christmas Movies - Elf


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Question: What are your family favorite Christmas movies?
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