Christmas Around the World – St. Lucia’s Day

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St. Lucia’s Day is this Friday, December 13 and a great chance to study Christmas around the world.  You can have some fun along the way.

My middle daughter, Gentry loved this celebration.  It all started when she read Kirsten’s Surprise, one of the American Girl books.  Kirsten was Gentry’s favorite character, so she enjoyed dressing up as Kirsten.

christmas around the world - celebrating st lucia's day ~

I made Gentry a St. Lucia’s costume, similar to the one Kirsten wore in the story.  On December 13, Gentry got up early to make St. Lucia Buns.  After breakfast was ready, she dressed in her all-white costume and served her brother & sister breakfast in bed.

I almost forgot, she also wore a crown with candles in her hair. We didn’t have a crown for the candles, so we used a Christmas wreath.

Wondering who St. Lucia is?  Why celebrate her day?

Lucia of Syracuse is remembered as the patron of light.  Thus, Christians have celebrated Light and Life on December 13.  Ironically, December 13th is one of the shortest days of the year, as well as one of the darkest.

Girls in Sweden dress up as Saint Lucia wearing a white dress and a crown of candles . Boys carry a candle and wear a kind of white pajama. They wear hats that are pointy with golden stars on them.

When my children were young, one of my daughters wanted to celebrate St. Lucia’s Day.  The night before, she made St. Lucia Bread.   She woke up before the rest of the family and baked the bread.  Then she put on her white dress and her candle wreath. She brought the bread to her brother & sister who were still sleeping.

Advent & Christmas Activities for Kids

  1. Bake Lucia Buns
  2. Make Star Ornaments
  3. Sing Christmas carols about light & dark, such as It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Silent Night
  4. Read Kirsten’s Surprise
  5. Read verses about Jesus being the Light of the world. Discuss how Christ brought light (salvation) into darkness (world full of sin)
  6. Write the story of St. Lucia – Christmas Writing Activities

To get more ideas about celebrating St. Lucia’s Day or other country traditions, see Christmas Around the World Unit Study.

Christmas Around the World Unit Study
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