Christmas Around the World – Mexico & Las Posadas

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This is a little late because I’ve been busy baking for a few Christmas parties. I loved having my girlfriends for coffee this past Wednesday.

Let’s take a look at another country that celebrates Christmas – Mexico.

As you study Christmas Around the World, be sure to read about Las Posadas event in Mexico.

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On December 16th, the first posada is held. Posada means “sheltering place” and reminds us of Mary & Joseph’s search for lodging in Bethelehem.

How does it work?

Las Posadas is like a parade in your local village.  Many people, carrying candles & statues of Mary & Joseph, join the procession of the posada soon after dark.

Each night they search for lodging, reenacting Joseph & Mary’s journey. Each night they are told, “There is no room”, until Christmas.

On Christmas, one house is opened to everyone for food & dancing.  At the party, they break a piñata, filled with candy and toys.  Spanish songs are sung and games are played until the children are tired & ready for bed.

You can reenact a posada by having a procession to your home one evening this week. If you have several families, be sure to break a pinata.

Or, you can have your kids walk from bedroom to bedroom, if it’s too cold to go outside.

Even if you don’t have your “posada” on Christmas, your kids will have a better understanding of what happened that first Christmas.

For more ideas on celebrating Christmas in Mexico (or other countries), grab a copy of Christmas Around the World Unit Study

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